Mobile CRM for the Remote Workforce

Bringing the power of CRM to your Sales team regardless of their location, mobile CRM applications help minimise data lag and ensure real-time customer insight across the organisation. To help you identify the CRM mobile solution that is right for your business, our CRM team has compared two of the leading Dynamics 365 mobile apps.

The author of this page: Brianna Bracken
Brianna Bracken, Marketing Executive Apr 06, 2020

Recent changes to many workplaces have meant a larger number of employees are remote working. The sudden rise in the number of remote workers has driven a search to find the best and most efficient way to be productive at home. Many technologies are coming to the forefront to assist dispersed workers to stay connected and help workers access essential data to continue business as usual operations. One such app to aid these processes is D365 for mobile.

CRM mobile apps have responded to the already growing trend of the deskless-worker and a mobile-first approach across technologies. CRM mobile apps can be used to effectively manage customer and sales data from home but can still be a continued working benefit for on-the-go workers beyond the current employment climate.

A good CRM system has been recognised as an essential and beneficial part of sales, marketing and customer service processes. Providing a single view of all customer interactions, CRM allows for a better understanding of customer needs, helps boost customer retention and drives future revenue opportunities. Customer data-driven insights can empower a great personalised marketing and customer experience approach. A CRM system creates a connected organisation who can react and grow with market trends when required.

Getting the maximum benefit from a CRM system relies on having a customer-centric approach and imputing necessary data to create a complete and valuable customer record. CRM Mobile has ensured that the system can now be brought on the go where remote workers can increase their productivity and have a faster work turnaround. Responding to the need to consider the modern digital office processes, CRM mobile connects the system across a number of technologies.

While there are multiple options when selecting a CRM mobile app, our client's preferences seem to remain around two apps. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 native mobile app and the Resco CRM Mobile app, that both ensure an effective CRM system optimised for remote working. The Microsoft Dynamics app is the mobile adapted version of the Dynamics 365 system while the Resco app is compatible with a number of major CRM systems. Both feature sets have been outlined below to address how each app may uniquely help different business needs.

Microsoft D365 Mobile App

Microsoft D365 Mobile App
  • Easy to set-up and user-friendly homepage - access activities, accounts, contacts and leads easily.

  • New workspace - personalised action hub.

  • Track progress for KPI's visually with charts.

  • Compact layouts and stacked elements optimised to gi​ve important information at a glance.

  • Enhanced note-taking experience with access to camera, video/audio recording, barcode scanner.

  • Offline access with synchronisation

  • Guided contextual business process.

  • Task flow helps fully complete tasks without forgetting an important step​

  • The relationship assistant generates the most important and relevant information in relation to what you're doing right now eg. remind you of upcoming activities, emails awaiting replies, evaluates communication and may suggest it's time to reach out to a contact that has been inactive for some time. ​

Resco Mobile CRM App

Resco Mobile App
  • Dashboard that gathers all insightful information in one place with searchign and filtering options, customisable to add your own views.

  • Contact integrations - call or send an email directly from the app.

  • Calendar with multiple view options for your appointments or activities

  • Interactive Map that can navigate you to your cutomer or plan your daily route.

  • Attach documents, photos, notes, electronic signatures and use barcode, business card and QR scanning.

  • Offline access and synchronisation.

  • Manage all your deals in different stages - Opportunities, Quotes, Orders and Invoices.

  • Mobile auditing and business tracking - analyse data to improve internal organisational processes.

  • Customise and change the app to tailor to your brand - in terms of appearance, other fields and entities.

  • Device security features - mobile application / mobile device management tools to secure your data natively integrated within the solution.

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