Navigating the Path to Digital Transformation

Regardless of scale, organisations often struggle when it comes to digital transformation, overwhelmed by the breadth and depth of options available, that is where a Business Analyst can really help, providing clarity and helping plot a clear path to digital.

The author of this page: Lindsey Benaissa
Lindsey Benaissa, Business Analyst Lead Jun 23, 2021

Digital transformation has become synonymous with IT strategy, with CTO's across all industries striving to harness the power of digital and cloud technologies to deliver tangible value while laying the foundations for future business growth.

Mature organisations often have complex IT estates, with the enterprise architecture often spread across several software solutions and infrastructure platforms. Tenured staff, by now accustomed to long-embedded convoluted processes, may find it hard to imagine a better solution and a better way of doing things. For these organisations, change can be daunting, with the adjustment to change harder still unless new solutions offer staff an easier and more streamlined way to fulfil their roles.

Growth organisations, particularly those within fast-paced, rapidly evolving industries, may, on the other hand, find it challenging to get teams and departments functioning cohesively. When technological investment ties up precious capital, it is imperative that both user adoption and return on investment are achieved.

To overcome these concerns and deliver meaningful return on investment, the organisation's needs – whether to service its staff or its customers – must be met by the digital transformation initiative.

To devise the best solution for your business, there must be a common and clear understanding of what those needs truly are and a clear agreement on how the solution will meet those needs. Thus, a crystal-clear definition of business requirements is an absolute necessity, and that’s where an experienced business analyst comes in.

An effective Business Analyst will guide stakeholders through the process of defining and agreeing on what is needed for the business solution. Ambiguity, “analysis-paralysis”, or too many differing opinions can delay not only your project but also impact your budget and the overall business architecture. An experienced Business Analyst can guide the organisation stakeholders smoothly through these issues, simplifying, digitalising and automating complex scenarios and processes to drive maximum business benefit.

At Storm Technology, our Business Analysts focus on empowering organisations to deliver solutions built to last. Solutions that cater for future commercial flexibility, high user adoption, and automated digital processes to free up your staff to fulfil your business strategy.

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