Nurture Growth with a Power Platform Centre of Excellence

As the use of Power Platform grows rapidly, initial excitement from IT teams has been replaced by questions of governance. Delivering a set of guidelines, knowledge and resources a Centre of Excellence can help address these concerns, carefully balancing the need for governance with the freedom to innovate.

The author of this page: John Tallon
John Tallon, Modern Applications and Modern Workplace Practice Director Feb 01, 2021

From self-service analytics to business applications created by citizen developers, Power Platform represents a shift in how business and IT departments work together, bridging the gap between technology and IT to drive innovation and growth. Offering almost limitless opportunity for value creation, Power Platform enables business users to quickly and easily build their own apps, chatbots, integration, automation or report without the need for coding knowledge.

For IT departments, however, the introduction of Power Platform raises questions of governance and security. How can already resource stretched IT departments support Power Platform, will they be overwhelmed with new apps to manage and a flurry of questions from curious colleagues? How do they safeguard data and ensure the necessary skills, best practice guidelines and governance models are in place?

Here's where a Centre of Excellence can help. Centres of Excellence enable organisations to adopt new tools and best practices quickly, create faster learning pathways for both new and intermediate users, disperse information more effectively and create governance models that best support the entire enterprise. Ensuring all business users are aligned on Power Platform adoption and the overall digital transformation journey. Therefore establishing a Power Platform Centre of Excellence, provides your organisation with the best possible framework for supporting your business transformation goals and safeguarding the organisation's investment in Power Platform. Giving the IT department peace of mind by providing a blueprint for how apps should be built while fostering an environment where innovation thrives.

Getting Started with a Power Platform Centre of Excellence.

One of the first steps when setting up a Centre of Excellence is defining what you aim to accomplish and the key business outcomes you hope to achieve. Start small, learning and evolving as your Centre of Excellence grows.

To help you get started, Microsoft has created a Power Platform Centre of Excellence Starter Kit. A collection of templated best practices, designed to help you get started with the tools needed to set up a Centre of Excellence. The kit focuses on the Administration, Governance and Nurture functions of a Centre of Excellence.

Administration Function

The admin pillar focuses on empowering the day to day custodians of Power Platform to become enablers of innovation by providing them with a high-level and forensic level view of all business environments and apps. Pinpoint pockets of innovation and design excellence, harness app and flow champions to drive future adoption and instantly identify areas for further development.

Governance Function

A starting point for developing governance this pillar focuses on operational governance, helping you establish audit and compliance processes. With governance unique to each organisation and industry it is important to tailor Centre of Excellence governance to meet your specific business needs.

Nurture Function

Providing tools to support onboarding (such as a template catalogue, and training guides) and adoption (app catalogue) the nurture function focuses on the human side of technology adoption. Helping organisations identify user maturity to support targeting training initiatives and peer-to-peer mentoring.

Please note certain licensing requirements to be aware of when using the Centre of Excellence Starter Kit. Further customisation and design will be required to fit your organisations' needs and maximise value from this toolkit.

A trusted digital transformation partner with over 25 years of experience, Storm Technology can help you set up and customise the Microsoft Centre of Excellence Starter Kit or provide support for establishing a bespoke Centre of Excellence. Get in touch today!

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