Optimise Business Operations with Power Automate Process Mining

Now generally available, process mining is a new capability within Power Automate that allows businesses to develop a deeper understanding of business operations, helping to reveal inefficient processes, pinpoint potential issues, and highlight areas for improvement. Enabling businesses to make informed strategic decisions, process mining helps businesses to optimise all-round performance.

The author of this page: Brian Gorimani
Brian Gorimani, D365 & Power Apps Practice Lead Sep 21, 2023

In today's fast-paced business landscape, optimising business processes is crucial to maintaining a competitive edge. In fact, Gartner has predicted that by 2025, organisations with poorly performing customer-facing processes will suffer more than a 10% loss in market share as a result of poor customer experiences. In a highly competitive market, enhancing business operations is paramount to consistently deliver service excellence and remain agile. 

As organisations strive to maximise productivity and optimise business processes, process mining within Microsoft Power Automate helps them to unlock their true potential. Paving the way for enhanced business performance, process mining provides a holistic view of intricate processes, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of business operations.  

Process mining involves analysing event data generated by various systems to visualise and better understand how business processes actually work.  Allowing businesses to monitor and enhance workflows, process mining provides a medium through which businesses can not only see areas for improvement, but take the best corrective action through AI-generated recommendations. 

Below we discuss how process mining can help your organisation optimise business performance. 

Uncover Hidden Insights 

One of the key advantages of integrating process mining in Power Automate is the ability to unveil hidden insights within complex business processes. Traditional methods of process analysis often rely on assumptions and limited data, resulting in an incomplete overview of operations. Process mining, however, uses real-time data to provide an accurate representation of how processes unfold in practice.  

Process Mining capabilities in Power Automate log and analyse information from various sources, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and clearly display it in a process map. This map offers an "x-ray" view of valuable data, providing deeper insights into business processes. Armed with this visual process map, organisations can better understand the complexity of their processes, which can help uncover hidden insights and areas for improvement. 

Process map in Power Automate process mining

Proactive Planning 

Process mining in Power Automate empowers businesses with actionable insights that drive informed and proactive decision-making. By providing a visual representation of processes, businesses can better identify areas of concern and act accordingly. This insight-driven approach enhances strategic decision-making, as organisations can easily pinpoint issues like frequent downtime and supply chain disruptions, and subsequently take corrective action. 

Moreover, process mining enables proactive action and planning. Instead of reacting to problems after they occur, businesses can identify potential issues before they escalate. The predictive analytics within Power Automate highlight common patterns and trends that might lead to operational inefficiencies, allowing for timely interventions and adjustments. 

Enhance Automation Efforts 

By integrating process mining, businesses can implement their automation efforts with precision. The insights gained from process mining help identify repetitive tasks that are most suitable for automation, ensuring that resources are allocated where they have the greatest impact. 

Process mining allows for the creation of more accurate and efficient workflows. Businesses can design and develop automations based on actual operational data, resulting in reduced error rates and smoother processes. This alignment between automation and real-world processes leads to quicker task execution and optimised business performance, in turn improving customer experiences and satisfaction. 

Measurable Performance Improvement

Process mining in Power Automate helps businesses to track performance improvement. As organisations make data-driven improvements to processes, they can track key performance indicators (KPIs) to gauge the effects of specific changes. 

By measuring KPIs such as cycle times and resource utilisation, businesses can easily quantify the benefits of process mining-driven optimisations. This data-driven approach not only highlights the positive impact on efficiency but also provides a basis for continuous improvement efforts. 

By harnessing the potential of process mining, organisations can equip themselves with the tools necessary to navigate the path towards optimised business performance and sustained excellence. 

If you would like to learn more about how process mining can help you optimise business performance, contact one of our experts today. 

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