Optimising Case Management with Dynamics 365

Microsoft's Dynamics 365 Customer Service offers powerful case management capabilities, this article explores how the solution might benefit your organisation.

The author of this page: James Donohoe
James Donohoe, Microsoft Business Applications Account Manager Apr 20, 2023

Case management is a core business process for many organisations. While a case typically refers to a single incident of service, case management involves the identification, analysis, monitoring and resolution of the case while collecting case information and managing its progress through the various internal processes.

What is defined as a case can vary across organisations and across different industries, cases can be a ‘ticket’, ‘incident’, ‘customer request’ or ‘service request’ for example. Case management is often essential to companies like law firms, banks, social services organisations, healthcare organisations as well as any organisation that operates a customer support desk. Typically, employees manage the cases through a set of work of workflow stages from initial contact to resolution.

Case management solutions can help organisations optimise case management, offering enhanced productivity, automation and visibility. If you’re unsure as to whether your organisation might benefit from a case management solution, we have outlined some questions that might help your organisation decide. If your organisation already has a digital system in place for case management, these questions can help you assess if the system is sufficient.

  1. Does your organisation have a consistent process for handling cases?

  2. Are all case interactions being recorded consistently?

  3. Is it easy to recall customer interactions with details of what happened and when?

  4. Do employees have access to a central view of all the information needed to complete their work and address the cases?

  5. Is your organisation no longer relying on paper-based processes?

  6. Do the current case management processes provide the best level of service for your clients?

If your organisation answers no to any of the above questions, modern case management software could offer a lot of benefits to your organisation.  While case management may differ between different organisations, the underlying technology used to manage cases are often very similar.  One solution that excels in the space of case management is Dynamics 365 Customer Service, which has a number of powerful features for case management.  Below are some of the top advantages of the solution that could help organisations in relation to case management.

A single Interface

Dynamics 365 Customer Service offers a single interface for users, preventing the need to switch between multiple systems or spreadsheets. All tasks and case information should be easily managed within Dynamics 365 making tasks more seamless and consistent.

Better Visibility

Increase visibility and transparency with reporting dashboards available in Dynamics 365 helping users track cases, tackle any bottlenecks, keep an audit trail and identify opportunities for improvement with real-time insights.

Improved Adherence to Processes

A single system for all case management data and processes can ensure there is better adherence to company processes and policies for case management. Integrated workflows help users follow processes and manage cases correctly and more productively.

Enhanced Collaboration

With all case data centralised and easily accessible, the collaboration between teams is made easier and more efficient with a reduction in time wasted searching for information as well as a reduction in repeated work.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

With all case information available at employees' fingertips, including all data gathered as well as all previous interactions, customer records can stay up to date more easily meaning employees can give the highest level of service with all the customer's personalised information in mind.

If you would like to learn more about how Dynamics 365 Customer Service can help optimise case management, read how Kildare County Council has improved its case management processes with Dynamics 365 or get in touch to speak to one of our technology experts.

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