Project Management Simplified

Figures from PMI predict that 87.7M Project Managers will be needed by 2027 but with only 2.5M certified by 2017, businesses globally must think outside the box when it comes to meeting their future project management needs.

The author of this page: Roisin McLaughlin
Roisin McLaughlin, Marketing Director Oct 08, 2020

A projected skills shortfall coupled with the increasing project-based nature of key business initiatives, from product launches to planning or even the hiring process has forced businesses to re-think the tools they rely on to support project management. To identify a solution that caters for the advanced requirements of project managers as well as meeting the day to day requirements of everyday workers that participate in projects.

These everyday workers need something that is simple and intuitive, designed to simplify project management and support cross-functional collaboration. A solution that provides a suite of tools tailored to all levels of project management experience. That's where Microsoft Project can help.

Designed for evolving business needs.

Only pay for the functionality you need with flexible plans available to suit your unique business needs. For informal project managers and day to day projects where task assignment, dependencies and progress visibility are critical, Project Plan 1 is a cost-effective solution to get started.

For larger projects or to meet the reporting capabilities and process automation requirements of more seasoned project managers, Project Plan 3 and Plan 5 deliver the enhanced functionality required. Packed full of additional features, these plans also benefit from effortless extension through the Power Platform suite of products.

Your Global Project Team, Connected

Powered by the cloud, Microsoft Project enables your project team to manage, track and record progress anywhere in the world, all they need is an internet connection. Plus with effortless integration to MS Teams, you can harness the power of Microsoft's digital communication and teamworking hub to drive increased project transparency and engagement.

Be sure to join us on our next Project blog post where we will explore the business benefits of cloud-based project management

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