Project Management Trends for 2022

With 61% of organisations now providing project management training, many business leaders are looking to drive efficiencies within their project management function. After a year of hybrid working and uncertainty around return to office plans, we take a look at the main project management trends to look out for in 2022.

The author of this page: Paul Mathison
Paul Mathison, Project Planning & Delivery Team Lead Feb 25, 2022

The effects of the pandemic are still being felt across all industries, with project management being no exception. As project management continues to evolve, trends that were once standard are beginning to be replaced by modern and innovative solutions. Below we explore five key trends for 2022.

Hybrid Teams

While many organisations have begun their return to the workplace, the majority are still operating a hybrid model. This hybrid approach means that your project team will not be in the office every day, requiring project managers to rethink existing tools and practices, ensuring flexibility for all employees regardless of their physical location. With 47% of employees predicted to look for another job if the company doesn't offer a hybrid working model ensuring a seamless transition to hybrid is essential to attract and retain talent in a highly competitive landscape.

Increased Dependency on Data

In last years blog Project Management Trends for 2021, we referenced the growth of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and this trend isn’t slowing down. Project managers are increasingly leveraging data insights to make informed decisions, handle projects in a more efficient way and increase business growth. The use of such data analysis has already started shaping the project management world from project planning to quality management to risk estimation. The process of converting data into insight has been further strengthened over the past few years thanks to data visualisation software such as Power BI and Google Data Studio.

Furthermore, customisation of your Project Management software has become important as different departments need to see different data. More project managers are now customising through presenting data intelligently to different groups via reporting and dashboards. Stakeholders also have more of a say on how they would like to view information now that a one size fits all approach has become a thing of the past.

Tailored Methodologies

In 2022 it is important to be using the most effective project management system. Project managers must look critically at their project management methodology and consider if it really fits their project. This might require the assistance of business analysts to help discover which solution is the best fit. This will involve building a system that will suit the needs of your team members. Once you have settled on a tailored system it is important to share this with the rest of the organisation as Ops teams and others can benefit from a smarter way to manage their work.

Mental Health As A Priority

In 2022, an increase in mental health initiatives is expected. Heightened levels of employee stress recorded during the Covid pandemic have driven a rise in the number of individuals re-evaluating their chosen career paths. Project work can be stressful enough as it is and the past couple of years have provided an even bigger challenge for project managers. In response to this more and more organisations are focusing in on workplace initiatives. Initiatives including time-sheeting projects to help businesses address productivity concerns, digital tools to facilitate online collaboration, and most importantly, mindfulness programmes to ensure support for anxiety, stress and burnout.

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