Reap the Rewards of FP&A Software and Planning Tools

A combination of automated budgeting and forecasting capabilities gives business leaders a comprehensive planning tool for future investments, cost control, reporting and analysis.

The author of this page: Brendan Geraghty
Brendan Geraghty, Practice Director - D365 for Financial Operations Nov 15, 2021

Solver stands out from other cloud-based financial forecasting and budgeting products by managing all of your important data and planning processes in one platform. With the Solver Suite’s financial planning capabilities, you can prepare for any possibility across your organisation. Budget, forecast and analyse in a single, convenient software solution.

Adding the Solver financial planning and analysis (FP&A) software to your business gives you many advantages over traditional solutions. The benefits of using Solver for financial planning include:

Streamline Financial Processes

The financial planning solution from Solver helps streamline budgets and forecasts, allowing you to focus more on analysis by spending less time managing manual spreadsheets and workflows. It frees up resources that you can use to focus on growing your business and improving processes.

Solver integrates with ERPs and industry-specific software so you can combine all your important data in one solution.

Automate Planning, Budgeting, Reporting and Analysis

With combined data from across your organisation, Solver CPM enhances historical reporting with variance and trend analysis. Its improved data accuracy over manual reporting and budget input allows you to make better business decisions. It also facilitates budgeting and forecasting processes with web-based data entry, automated workflow and unlimited scenarios.

Increase Competitive Edge

With Solver’s cloud-based corporate performance management (CPM) solution, you can maximise your company’s capacity for innovation and competition. It offers cutting-edge planning tools that help you keep up with larger businesses and react to market trends. It also enables you to find emerging opportunities to obtain even more of a competitive edge.

Make Proactive and Adaptive Financial Decisions

Solver enables you to take a proactive approach to financial planning by forecasting potential market changes and opportunities. You can develop a strategy based on the ways that current performance could change.

As your financial opportunities evolve, Solver can also help manage costs and analyze historical trends to help you change direction in goals and strategy. It pulls current and accurate data to help your users view financial performance and drill down to answer their questions.

Reach out to our Sales team to find out how Solver can increase your capacity to make critical financial decisions that drive revenue.

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