Recent Microsoft Teams Updates

Haven't had a chance to explore new Microsoft Teams updates and features? We've compiled some of the top recent updates that can help make your working life easier.

The author of this page: Brianna Bracken
Brianna Bracken, Marketing Executive May 26, 2021

With employees today juggling busy workloads, it can be hard to keep up to date with the latest updates on business technology. Although many use Microsoft Teams day to day, they may be unaware of new features that could benefit their working life. Below we've combined some Microsoft Teams updates you have missed in the first half of 2021.

Meeting Chat Moderation Settings

Organisers now have the choice of three chat settings for meetings. Organisers have the option to disable the chat for participants or they can set the chat feature to 'only during the meeting', allowing participants to chat during the meeting. The third option is enabled, which is the default setting allowing the chat to be accessed for attendees at any time. This is a useful feature to help to set the meeting environment required by the organiser.

Live transcription with Speaker Attribution

The live transcription allows you to follow or review conversations in real-time (in English- US) beside the meeting video or audio. The feature is useful for users who have hearing disabilities or varying levels of language proficiency. It is also helpful to attendees who join the meeting late who can catch up on what they missed using the transcript. Tenant admins have to enable this feature.

Meeting Recaps

This feature helps all participants to stay on track and move forward with actions once the meeting has concluded. The recap is shared with participants in the meeting chat tab and is viewable in the details tab. It includes the meeting recording, transcript, chat and attached files. This helpful for those who missed the meeting allowing them to catch up.

Meet Now in Outlook

Users can now start a new Teams meeting instantly in Outlook from the calendar tab by clicking meet now. This feature must be enabled by tenant admins by ensuring that the Allow Private Meet Now policy option is set to True in the admin console.

Meeting Links from Teams Calendar

Users can now copy a meet now meeting link from the Teams calendar and share this with others users without starting the meeting. If you are in a conversation via chat, email or channel and agreed to set a meeting at a particular time, you can easily copy and paste in the meeting link.

Breakout Rooms Updates

Organisers can now reassign participants even once the breakout rooms are opened, previously you could only do this when they were closed. These breakout room assignments will now also persist over multiple sessions to help manage discussions making sure the right participants are in each room.

Invite Only Meeting Options

To help prevent users who were not invited from joining a meeting, this new meeting setting automatically sends attendees not approved by the organiser to the lobby until the host admits them. This is useful if a meeting is forwarded to other colleagues without the organiser’s knowledge.

Producer Management in Teams Live Events

This new update allows users to manage a live event as a producer in a separate window allowing them to manage the event while still being able to collaborate on Teams.

Custom Backgrounds for IOS

If you are a Teams App user on IOS, you can now select a custom background from the selection on teams or from your own device, making your meetings on the go more personal.

If you would like to learn more about how Microsoft Teams can make your working life easier, check out our recent webinar on 'Accelerating Microsoft Teams as your Central Digital Workspace'.

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