Redefine Employee Success with Actionable Insights

Taking a fresh approach to productivity, Microsoft Viva puts employee wellbeing at the core with actionable insights. Helping keep employees connected while protecting a healthy work-life balance.

The author of this page: Roisin McLaughlin
Roisin McLaughlin, Marketing Director Mar 30, 2021

Over one year on from the early rumblings of Covid-19 lockdowns, the extended and rapid rollout of remote working, ongoing environmental uncertainty and social isolation have begun to take their toll. Employees globally are citing heightened anxiety and burnout levels than ever before, with organisations responding with a renewed focus on employee experience and well-being.

In response to this growing trend, Microsoft has begun the roll-out of Microsoft Viva, an employee experience platform designed for the new increasingly complex, hyper-connected world of work. Delivering meaningful insights to individuals, managers and leaders, Viva Insights helps organisations focus on what's important, achieve balance and build resilience.

An informative solution for workplace analytics, Viva Insights cleverly balances employee privacy with actionable information, including;

Personal Insights

Enable your team to do their best work with actionable recommendations tailored to their unique working behaviours and patterns with Personal Insights.

As communication increasingly goes virtual, staying connected and building strong working relationships has never been as important. The stay connected experience helps employees remain connected with important people in their network, prioritising time for regular one-to-one meetings and helping employees stay up to date with asks across distributed communication channels through the creation of a centralised task hub. With balance at the heart of the solution design, Personal Insights also features the protect time experience, ensuring employees find the right balance between collaboration and focus time, helping remind employees to schedule a time for uninterrupted work - before the day fills up with meetings.

Keeping sync with the flow of everyday work within Microsoft Outlook, key insights and prompts are delivered daily in a Briefing email from Cortana. Plus, employees can rest assured that their privacy remains protected with insights for individuals completely private, derived by summarising M365 data from emails, meetings, calls and chats that the individual already has access to.

Leader/Manager Insights

One key takeaway from the recent collective experiment with remote working, particularly in times of disruption and change, is that the relationship between managers and their employees is key to engagement and a positive employee experience. To help managers and leaders empower their people to achieve their best, Microsoft Viva Insights provides anonymised insights into employee wellbeing and productivity.

Visibility into rolled-up work patterns across the organisation can help managers nurture their team's wellbeing through the early identification of potential burnout triggers such as meeting overload, time worked outside chosen work hours, and a lack of focus time availability. Backing up the data with contextualised research and tips for best practices, Viva Insights helps managers identify the challenges they need to safeguard future productivity and avoid burnout.

In addition to leveraging the data and signals from Microsoft Teams and other M365 apps and services, Microsoft Viva Insights can also access data from your organisations existing ecosystem of collaboration tools and services, such as Zoom, Slack and Workday, to provide leaders with insights into how collaboration patterns influence the outcomes they care about. Insights that will continue to evolve and grow as our experiences with the hybrid workplace evolves.

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