Strengthening Customer Service with Power Virtual Agents

Gone are the days of hiring developers to construct complex chatbot systems. With Power Virtual Agents you no longer need any programming skills to develop your own digital customer service agents.

The author of this page: Prateek Desai
Prateek Desai, Practice Director - D365 Customer Engagement & Power Platform May 04, 2023

An element of Microsoft Power Platform, Power Virtual Agents generates AI-powered chatbots that are designed to provide automated assistance and support to customers. Power Virtual Agents allows business professionals to design and build chatbots, without IT intervention or previous coding knowledge.  

This no-code interface is integrated with AI large language models (LLMs), so you can build your own chatbots for answering queries, resolving issues and engaging with customers. From simple FAQ responses to assisting with more complex account queries, Power Virtual Agents can help improve your customers' all-round satisfaction through a customer-centric interface. 

Existing templates can be used to build conversations that deliver intuitive responses and helpful solutions to customers. Create a topic by simply describing to your bot what you want a topic to do, and Power Virtual Agents generates conversational responses. Even if you have not manually created a topic for certain information, a chatbot can still respond to your customers with relevant information with no manual authoring required. In addition, existing chatbots can be updated without creating a new agent, saving time on administrative tasks.  

Power Virtual Agents can be used to engage with customers in multiple languages across apps, websites, MS Teams, or any other channels supported by the Azure Bot Framework. 

Below we explore some ways Power Virtual Agents can help you improve your customer service. 

Response Time Reduction 

With Power Virtual Agents customers don’t need to wait for a live agent to become free to answer questions. Chatbots are available 24/7 to resolve your customers' issues and deal with concerns, even handling multiple queries at once.  

Available 24/7 to support customers, Power Virtual Agents reduces the workload of human agents, allowing them to handle more complex customer enquiries that require human intervention. 

With customers receiving a high standard of readily available and timely support, businesses can greatly improve customer satisfaction levels, increasing customer retention and brand loyalty as a result.  

Personalised Experiences 

Power Automate and Dynamics 365 can be integrated with Power Virtual agents to provide access to data in your backend systems that allows the chatbots to tailor more personal responses and solutions.  

With this data, Power Virtual Agents can also be prompted to perform specific tasks, according to whatever the customer is looking for. 

This personalised chatbot experience can really set your brand apart from competitors, dealing with customers in a more effective and engaging way.  

Customer Engagement 

Power Virtual Agents provides an engaging customer experience through a conversational interface that mimics humans through its AI, ML and natural language processing software. 

Additionally, Power Virtual Agents reduces the frustration associated with other chatbot systems that are less intuitive, and often struggle to understand the actual needs of the customer. 

Data Insights 

Power Virtual Agents analyses customer interactions and feedback to deliver valuable insights to organisations. From this customer data, businesses can learn about opportunities for development and improvement in their customer service departments, enabling them to further enhance the customer experience.

Power Virtual Agents is a powerful tool that businesses can use to strengthen their customer service. By providing personal and engaging, human-like responses in a timely manner, Power Virtual Agents can help businesses to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty through and through.  

If you would like to learn more about how Power Virtual Agents can strengthen your organisation’s customer service, speak to one of our experts today. 

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