The Value of Self Service Reporting and Solver

With standard reporting becoming very rigid in the context of the new era of tech, self-service reporting is fast becoming the single greatest tool at any organisations disposal when it comes to growth and development. Below we explore the benefits of self-service reporting and how Solver can help.

The author of this page: Conor Reynolds
Conor Reynolds, Marketing Intern Feb 07, 2022

Many organisations are turning towards self-service reporting tools to drive efficiencies within the business, not only for the benefit of the end user but for the benefit of the IT department and for the business itself.

Self-service reporting tools give business users direct access to the data they need. This in-turn, reduces the workload for technical staff and creates alignment across all business units can view the same data. It also relieves the pressure of the finance function as they no longer need to manually serve up time-consuming monthly reports. Through these tools, business users can create real-time dashboards, helping executives more data-driven and strategic decisions.


With the increasing volume of data, self-service tools are becoming more and more important. Organisations need to make data-driven decisions and they can no longer rely solely on their tech team for this. As the end-users have access to all relevant data, they can then set up queries to deal with important challenges of their specific department. Through these tools, business users can find data that meets their needs immediately without the need for IT assistance. This also frees up time for IT personnel to focus on more value-added tasks.

With self-service reporting, business users can also run Ad Hoc Reports very easily. These reports have specific purposes and can be generated by business users very quickly from scratch. Users can also customize the variables within these reports, affecting the results output.

Self-service tools also enable business users to make quicker decisions backed by data in allowing them to compete with competition more effectively. With quick insights and data discovery, it is clear to see why more organisations are adopting self-service reporting tools and leaving traditional BI behind.

The Solver Advantage

Solver is a platform that can help your organisation enable faster and better decision making using a single, cloud-based CPM solution that automates reporting and planning processes. In terms of self-service reporting, Solver’s cloud suite offers modern, dynamic reporting with out-of-the-box integrations for many of the world’s most popular ERP systems. It is an easy to use and flexible report writer, with features including cloud connected Excel report design and a modern browser based web portal that provides finance professionals and end users with powerful financial and operational reporting capabilities in a variety of layouts and presentation formats.

With Solver, business users can design professional reports with drag and drop simplicity. With Solver’s cloud connected, market leading Excel add-in, it is easy for users to create any type of report, resulting in dynamic, parameter-driven reports that executives and department heads can run on-demand at any time. Through moving to automated reporting processes, users can answer their own questions without needing to contact the accounting department for answers. This is done through refreshing reports on-demand and drilling down to detail.

Another benefit of Solver’s report writer includes its ground-breaking collaborative functionality. This allows managers to be alerted of any major discrepancies and access to reports that reveal business issues and opportunities. To aid collaboration, business users can add questions or comments on these reports to share insights.

Other benefits to Solver Reporting include currency conversion, unlimited organisational trees, and much more.

To learn more about how Solver Reporting can drive efficiencies within your organisation, register now for our upcoming webinar, Modernising Financial Planning & Analysis.

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