Top Priorities For IT Leaders in 2021

Following the surge in cloud technology and the dramatic shift to remote working, IT leaders reshift focus in 2021 revisiting priorities and projects set aside in 2020 and embracing new IT trends in a bid to maximise agility times of uncertainty.

The author of this page: Brianna Bracken
Brianna Bracken, Marketing Executive Jan 21, 2021

With constant developments and advancements in everyday technology, IT Professionals face constant pressure to stay up to date and ahead of competitors. Looking to the year ahead, some of 2021's priorities will likely involve the resurgence of projects planned for 2020 but set aside due to the rapid shift towards remote working in the face of Covid. While many organisations accelerated their technology usage goals at a rate, they had not thought possible in a year, goals set aside to allow these changes must become a focus once more.

Top IT priorities for last year were reducing IT security risks, adopting new technologies and reducing IT spend. These will influence 2021's priorities as will new emerging trends which we will explore below;

Accelerating Digital Transformation

With many IT leaders agreeing that the pace of digital transformation has elevated significantly in the last year, it is unlikely we will see this trend slow down as we enter 2021. Organisations are continuing to adapt to market and workplace uncertainty. Accelerating digital transformation often involves renewing IT systems where new implementations may be needed and where attention to governance and security is critical. Driving adoption of all technology systems is also essential to drive higher return and value on technology investments.

Cloud Computing

With the uptake of cloud computing on the rise, having multiple cloud-based technologies offers many business advantages, from easier scalability to greater technology insights across all connected applications delivering competitive advantage. With security around cloud technologies constantly improving, it seems the trend to move to and harness the power of the cloud will remain in 2021.

Data Visualisation

Data visualisation refers to the graphical representation of data sets through visual elements such as graphs, charts or maps. Data visualisation tools, for example, Power BI, allows users to easily understand their data highlighting all of the useful information so users can spot any trends or patterns which may be of importance. Data visualisation allows users to spend less time gathering and presenting data and more time analysing it. Data-driven organisations continue to lead the market, and data visualisation is essential in data-driven decision-making.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Although Machine Learning and AI tend to be considered too complicated to implement, they can be powerful tools that can help automate many tasks, deliver insights, acquire skills to boost productivity and even make data management easier. These tools can be easily implemented and utilised in cloud-based solutions, and with this uptake rising, machine learning, and AI will become more widely used across organisations.

Data Security

Data security continues to remain a top trend in IT management. As cyber threats continue to become more sophisticated, security measures and software must be up to scratch. Investing in data security software can help ensure more visibility across business applications and allowing areas of weakness to be dealt in a timely manner. Technology governance is also a topic closely related to this, and good governance software can ensure your information is correctly governed throughout the organisation, adding an extra layer of information protection.

Data Management Experts

As technology continues to evolve, businesses struggle to keep pace with all advancements, particularly when it comes to harnessing the power of their data through new software. Working with Data Management experts can help expand your IT team and incorporate good data management practices and solutions into your business while also making sure you can use data to drive business decisions.

With technology continuing to evolve at a rapid pace, IT professionals will always be kept on their toes with priorities shifting significantly from year to year due to constant new technology advancements.

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