Transform Web Development with Power Pages

An innovative element of Microsoft’s Power Platform, Power Pages allows businesses to create secure, low-code, professional web pages with no previous coding knowledge required.

The author of this page: Prateek Desai
Prateek Desai, Practice Director - D365 Customer Engagement & Power Platform Jun 06, 2023

Building on Power Apps Portals, Power Pages is transforming how businesses approach web development by providing dynamic features that simplify the process of authoring, publishing and managing web content. Whether your preference is no-code or code-centric, Power Pages enables you to create the most responsive, functional design for your website or internal/external portals. 

With a simple drag-and-drop interface to design pages, users don’t need to write even a single line of code, meaning even non-technical staff are empowered to create and manage website content. However, integrable tools can be used by developers to extend website functionality if needed. 

Below we discuss some of the features of Power Pages that are helping transform web development as we know it. 

Pre-designed Templates 

Power Pages provides multiple pre-designed, customisable templates that you can style to align with your company brand and tone. Each existing template is designed to be responsive, meaning it is optimised for different devices and screen sizes from the offset and your website is accessible to all users. 

As well as this, images, videos, forms and lists can be easily added to your web page using the drag-and-drop functionality. 


Power Pages offers advanced analytics and tracking capabilities once integrated with Microsoft Dataverse, allowing businesses to monitor website performance and user behaviour. Businesses can track metrics like click-through rates, conversion rates, and page views to identify areas for improvement. This data can also be used for other business functions such as marketing campaigns, providing valuable information surrounding customer preferences.  

Seamless Integration 

Power Pages can easily be integrated with other components of the Power Platform to enhance what your website can do for your business. Integrate with Power BI to access reports and dashboards. Add a chatbot to your web page by integrating your Power Pages with Power Virtual Agents. You can even automate workflows by integrating with Power Automate. 

Further, Power Pages can be integrated with other Microsoft tools outside of the Power Platform. Integration with Dynamics 365 and SharePoint allows businesses to build well-designed websites that deliver a great user experience while connected to their existing IT infrastructure. 

Amplified Security 

Microsoft Power Pages is built on the Power Platform which has strong security features such as data encryption and two-factor authentication, ensuring your website is secure from unauthorised access. 

Additionally, with Power Pages being a cloud-based platform, updates take place automatically, ensuring you are always operating on the latest version of the system and further enhancing security. 

If you would like to learn more about Microsoft Power Pages, get in touch with one of Storm Technology’s experts today. 

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