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As organisations continue to adapt to their new ways of working, management focus has begun to shift beyond technology enablement, focusing in on smart systems to drive productivity and enable employees get the most out of their workday.

The author of this page: Brianna Bracken
Brianna Bracken, Marketing Executive Nov 25, 2020

As we transitioned to a remote business landscape those organisations with higher user adoption rates demonstrated greatest employee confidence in their organisation's ability to thrive in uncertain times. These same organisations have found themselves in a much better position as we continue to navigate the ever-changing workplace. As we begin to consider life after Covid-19, the move towards a hybrid workforce presents a new set of challenges. Being flexible and adaptable in your approach is the key to success.

Part of this is understanding how your technology is enabling your employees to work efficiently regardless of physical location. To help with this and to ensure users get more from their Microsoft 365 licenses, Microsoft has built Microsoft Productivity Score.

What is the Microsoft Productivity Score?

Microsoft Productivity Score helps build a more resilient business and prepare business leaders to meet future challenges by providing not only visibility into how your workforce leverages technology but also insights into how you can transform the way work gets done. The Productivity Score reflects an organisation’s performance against people and technology experience. To help provide context to allow your organisation to turn insight into action, Microsofts Productivity scorecard includes a benchmark score, allowing you to compares your score with that of similar organisations.

The productivity score includes;

Metrics: This data helps your business see how employees are using Microsoft 365 products to collaborate and communicate across platforms.

Insights: These help identify areas for improvement and opportunities that can help improve productivity.

Recommended actions: These are steps you can take in your organisation to use Microsoft 365 products more efficiently.

This data comprised of metrics, insights, and recommended actions are provided in two key areas;

MS Productivity Score Dashboard from MS Admin Center.
Employee Experiences

Employee experiences measure how your team uses M365 to communicate and collaborate. Providing in-depth analysis across a number of categories, including;

  • Communication: Helps organisation's understand how users find and share information through email, chat or community posts to help use this to create a more unified experience.

  • Mobility: Discover how many people can access files and use Teams and Outlook across all platforms regardless of where they are to help with future productivity goals.

  • Teamwork: Ensure all users are making use of shared workspaces like Teams or SharePoint team sites to share information and collaborate for collective success.

  • Content Collaboration: Understand how many users create, read and collaborate on content shared in the cloud and learn how time savings can be made across the organisation.

  • Meetings: Improve meeting quality by learning if users are leveraging best practices and what types of meetings are happening.

Technology Experiences

With productivity often dependent on well-performing technology as well as the most efficient use of Microsoft 365, technology experiences focus on the below categories;

  • EndPoint Analytics: Discover how productivity can be impacted by issues with endpoint software and hardware with recommendations to resolve them.

  • Network Connectivity: Understand the factors affecting your network and easily identify issues going forward with suggestions to help address them.

  • Microsoft 365 Apps Health: Learn how many devices have the most up to date productivity and safety features by being on the recommended monthly channels for Microsoft 365 apps.

Your productivity score is based on the combined scores of all people and technology experiences categories. In each category, patterns are identified for key activities, indicating how people use Microsoft 365 products to work, collaborate and communicate across platforms. Your productivity score is shown as both a percentage and points value, with the score is updated daily to reflect user actions completed in the last 28 days.

To access people experience data, organisations require a Microsoft for business or Microsoft 365 for enterprise subscription, and for endpoint analytics under technology experiences you need to add a Microsoft Intune to your subscription.

How can Microsoft Productivity Score help Organisations?

Business leaders must ensure business continuity in these uncertain times by helping employees in their organisation build the habits that can unlock the potential of the technology tools they have. Before now, the focus was simply providing the technology to employees without being able to access the insights to understand how people are using their technology ensuring they get the most out of their technology investment. It is important to remember that every digital transformation comes down to how technology and people work together. Helping employees adapt to new ways of working is the only way to drive the best return on investment. The insights from the Microsoft Productivity Score can help organisations recognise issues around technology usage and identify possible areas where more user training may be required to drive allow employees to use tools to their full potential.

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