Unveiling Copilot’s Impact Across Business Functions

In a recent blog we discussed some of the benefits of Copilot in Microsoft 365, as revealed by Microsoft’s Work Trend Special Index Report. Today we will explore some of the role-specific benefits of Copilot with a particular focus on sales, customer service and cybersecurity teams.

The author of this page: Rachael Kavanagh
Rachael Kavanagh, Marketing Executive Jan 08, 2024

As well as providing data surrounding Copilot’s general effects on workers, Microsoft’s Work Trend Index Special Report disclosed the productivity impacts on specific roles within Microsoft, including its salespeople and customer service representatives. Below we discuss some of the findings by business function. 


Findings from the report revealed Copilot can supercharge productivity among sales teams, as shown by some compelling statistics. On average, users reported saving of 90 minutes per week with the aid of Copilot, with 83% of those surveyed noting a measurable increase in productivity. The findings of the report also reveal an overall positive impact on the daily tasks of salespeople, with gains seen across general administrative tasks and the use of customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Over half (58%) of salespeople said it was quicker and easier than ever before to find the necessary CRM information, with 68% able to keep CRM systems up to date with less effort, while 79% of salespeople said that Copilot helps reduce their amount of administrative work. Streamlining less valuable tasks like searching for information, updating systems and sending emails allows salespeople to focus on more value-add tasks like business development and building relationships with customers. In fact, 64% of Copilot users found the tool helped them better personalise customer interactions while 67% highlighted the ability to spend more time with their customers, ensuring salespeople had both the time and resources to foster stronger relationships. Other advantages of Copilot for sellers included the ability to complete tasks more easily (79%) and being able to stay in the flow of work (78%).  

Customer Service 

Over the course of 4 months, Microsoft evaluated the productivity of 2 different groups of its own customer service and support agents, one group who used Copilot and a control group that did not. It was found that agents who used Copilot reduced the time spent solving a case by 12%, and that 10% of cases that would normally require collaboration with coworkers were resolved independently by one agent with the use of Copilot. This means that customer issues were resolved quicker and without clients being put on hold, creating a more seamless and effective customer service experience and ultimately boosting overall customer sentiment. 


According to research conducted by Microsoft, there are approximately 3 million unfulfilled cybersecurity positions worldwide. With the increase in cyber threats in recent years, Copilot is uniquely positioned to help address this challenge, fulfilling some of the world’s cybersecurity needs, as demonstrated by the findings of the Work Trend Index Special Report. A comparative study of a group of security analysts that used Copilot versus a group that did not, found that the group that used Copilot was 26% faster and 44% more accurate across tasks ranging from writing incident reports to identifying solutions to cybersecurity issues. Further, 86% of Copilot users said it made them more productive and 86% highlighted its impact on their quality of work. 

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