What Does Migrating To Business Central Mean For Your Business?

A newcomer to the Irish Market, Dynamics 365 Business Central offers new functionality to consolidate and optimise your business processes. We explore what migrating to Business Central can bring to your business.

The author of this page: Brianna Bracken
Brianna Bracken, Marketing Executive Sep 11, 2020

In October, Microsoft are set to launch Dynamics 365 Business Central to the Irish Market. An evolution of Dynamics NAV, Business Central comes from years of deep expertise from Microsoft in business applications to deliver a solution to meet the needs of SMB’s. Not only does it act as a singular accounting solution, it acts as an all-in-one solution unifying all your financial, operations, project management along with all sales and service tools to streamline daily tasks saving time and manual effort delivering.

Business Central allows you to connect isolated systems, bringing them together giving an end-to-end view of your business processes. This provides real-time reporting, centralised information and data which will allow business leaders to compile data to better understand trends to make more informed decisions about their organisations. Business Central has lots of key functionality that deliver real business benefits including;

Fully Customisable Options

Tailor Business Central to meet your unique business needs by rearranging and organising home dashboards and reports with a user-friendly intuitive drag and drop menu to rearrange fields, groups, and elements. Extend capabilities and add industry extensions to meet specific needs with integrated app add-ons. Also tailor the solution with a personalised role centre with screens for many different roles available.

Smart Integration

One of the top features of Business central is its easy integration with Microsoft technology. Synchronise data between Business Central and D365 Sales and Marketing with built in integration to have a more accurate view of business view of contacts, opportunities, and financial data. Also merge data from Microsoft 365 apps like Outlook to quickly send documents, quotes and reports directly from the app. This smart integration allows employees to respond to customer needs quickly and share data regardless of device or location, optimising all aspects of everyday business processes. A unified solution brings data together keeping reports more accurate and relevant.

Intelligent Insights

By uniting your business data in business central you can connect with Power BI to create powerful data visualisations to get real-time insights to help spot trends and catch any bottlenecks early to ensure the delivery of a great customer experience. Also, take advantage of built-in intelligence services machine learning and AI to forecast results and receive recommendations as you go.

Access on the go

Access Business Central on any preferred device, desktop, laptop, tablet to get the same functionality and capabilities on-the-go ensuring a consistent experience across windows, android and IOS devices.

Advanced Security

Business central is backed on the highest-level security standards wrapped in Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365. User based role dashboards also ensure you can safeguard confidential data while still ensuring employees have access to the right data at the right time.

Business central offers flexible deployment options, you can deploy it in the cloud where it offers a Saas based system meaning you never have to manually complete an update as the system automatically updates every 6 months with the latest version of Business Central meaning you are always on the most recent version. Alternatively, you can deploy it on premise if you prefer to deploy to a local server.

Business central offers a new way of managing your business processes from a single solution with integration features that connect your systems like never before , intelligent insights and a way to customise your solution down to a specific role ensuring employees can be more efficient and productive.

Want to learn more? Read our case study with Acorn Life, who modernised its financial systems by migrating to Business Central.

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