What Is The Business Value of Microsoft Dataverse?

More than just data storage, Microsoft Dataverse offers a number of business benefits to organisations

The author of this page: Prateek Desai
Prateek Desai, Practice Director - D365 Customer Engagement & Power Platform Aug 16, 2023

Microsoft Dataverse is a cloud-based storage and management platform that allows organisations to securely store and manage business data that is being used by business applications. Leading business applications Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform sit on top of the Dataverse which houses and manages the data used by these apps. Data within the Dataverse is typically stored in tables, in sets of rows and columns. As well as storing data, Dataverse also has other elements that help with securing data, data validation and data security.  

The Dataverse can offer a number of benefits to businesses, some of which we explore below.

Centralised Data

The Dataverse provides companies with a single centralised place for storing and managing data. With data organised in a single space, organisations can ensure data consistency and eliminate data silos. This ensures the right teams have access to the data they need quickly and easily while maintaining the highest levels of data quality and access control.

Seamless Integration

As the basis for data storage for Microsoft applications, Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, Dataverse makes integration between the different components of these applications, such as Power Apps and Power BI, much easier. As a cloud-native solution, Dataverse also supports integration with third-party solutions. This delivers a better user experience with data flowing across different apps seamlessly.

Data Security

The Dataverse is backed by enterprise-level Microsoft cloud security protocols. The Dataverse offers role-based access controls meaning you can set different security permissions for people in your organisation based on their roles to ensure they only access the data they need. There are also data loss prevention policies that can be set to help protect sensitive data.

Rapid Application Development

Dataverse supports rapid application development with low code capabilities. These help to reduce the development time and costs associated with creating applications, as well as empowering business users with little to no coding experience to create applications.

Data Analytics

Microsoft Dataverse helps organisations unlock different types of reports and analytics functionality to gain different business insights. In using these tools, businesses can create tables, charts, interactive visual dashboards and reports. This delivers real-time business data which is invaluable to organisations.

Multiple Data Types or Apps

Dataverse is designed to work with any type of relational or non-relational data. The Dataverse has a number of visual designers to create, edit and interact with data. Users can use different data types and relationships within Power Apps.  The Dataverse can support the creation of any type of application that is secure and scalable including mobile, web or desktop applications.

Logic & Processes

The Dataverse offers a number of different ways to configure the logic that makes up an application. There can be variations on the data model itself from tables to columns and the relationship between them. There can also be an automation engine to build automation logic and business processes as well as many other components to help enhance the application with the ability to add advanced custom logic on top of the system.

Scalability & Customisation

The Dataverse is built on the reliable Microsoft Azure infrastructure which ensures scalability, allowing the Dataverse to grow alongside the business. Being on the Azure cloud also ensures high performance and the ability to handle larger amounts of data as the business scales too. The Dataverse can be tailored to suit a business's specific requirements and can be continually adapted as the business changes it over time with the ability to add custom entities, fields and business rules.

With data at the centre of everything a business does, data needs to be captured, stored, analysed and presented in a valuable way. Microsoft Dataverse makes this possible for organisations. Going beyond other typical database management systems, Dataverse offers more functionality highlighted above such as integration with Microsoft applications, scalability and much more.

 If you would like to learn more about Microsoft Dataverse, get in touch to speak with a specialist.

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