Why Choose Power Automate as your RPA Solution

Previously recognised by Gartner as a leader in robotic process automation (RPA), Power Automate is Microsoft’s low-code automation tool that has become the solution of choice for many organisations. In today’s article we will explore what sets Power Automate apart from other RPA solutions on the market. 

The author of this page: Brian Gorimani
Brian Gorimani, D365 & Power Apps Practice Lead Jun 21, 2024

RPA refers to any technology solution that uses software ‘robots’ to automate high-volume business processes in order to reduce manual tasks and streamline workflows. There are two categories of RPA - attended automation and unattended automation. Attended automation requires a degree of human intervention, where users initiate and oversee a task being performed by an automation tool that mimics the actions you carry out on your computer, such as mouse clicks. In contrast, unattended automation doesn’t require any human intervention. Certain rules and triggers prompt bots to carry out a task autonomously, for example, sending out an email campaign. Both categories of automation enable organisations to streamline and accelerate workflows, facilitating the automation of a vast range of business processes such as sending emails, processing invoices, data entry, filing digital documents and even responding to customer service queries.  

There are many automation solutions on the market, however Microsoft’s Power Automate is a leading force in the RPA space. Below we discuss why Power Automate could be the right RPA solution for your business. 


Microsoft’s commitment to innovation makes Power Automate a standout automation solution. As the tool is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and low-code, users do not require knowledge of complex coding languages to create process automations. Power Automate offers a user-friendly drag and drop interface with pre-built triggers and rules and even built-in AI models that can be used to prompt automated actions. Plus, with the power of Microsoft Copilot, Power Automate can take automation design to the next level, providing recommendations on how to optimise your business processes. 


As a Microsoft solution, Power Automate offers seamless integration with other elements of the Microsoft ecosystem, such as Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Outlook and Dynamics 365 solutions. As well as this, Power Automate facilitates integration with a wide range of other tools like Google apps, Dropbox and DocuSign. This means you can enable powerful automations across your business’ digital entire environment, delivering tangible time and resource savings when compared to manual processes and allowing employees to focus on more productive tasks. 

Process Mining 

The process mining feature in Power Automate analyses process data across systems, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) or customer relationship management (CRM), and presents the information in a clear, visual format known as a process map, so managers can better understand business processes. This means managers can easily uncover inefficiencies within even complex processes and work towards correcting the issues to optimise and streamline business operations. 

Security & Compliance  

Power Automate provides strong security features that ensure the protection of your sensitive data and compliance with industry regulations. For those seeking an added layer of security, Power Automate can be seamlessly integrated with tools such as Entra ID. 


As a dynamic, low-code solution, Power Automate facilitates simple to complex automations, allowing your organisation to automate and streamline processes at scale and save valuable work hours on manual tasks.  

If you would like to learn more about automating business processes with Power Automate, get in touch with one of our solution specialists today. 

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