Why Organisations Should Not Delay Cloud Migration

As cloud computing and cloud migration continue to rise, organisations are now harnessing the power of the cloud to optimise operations and drive growth. In today's blog post we explore the top reasons why you can no longer delay your cloud migration.

The author of this page: Brianna Bracken
Brianna Bracken, Marketing Executive Aug 04, 2022

Cloud migration is on the rise, with Eurostat reporting that cloud adoption is at 46% in the EU, up from 36% in 2020. Recent Research has also predicted that by 2025, there will be over 100 zettabytes of data stored in the cloud. Cloud migration is something that organisations can no longer ignore. IT leaders across the globe have identified that the on-premises solutions and infrastructure built for their organisations are ageing, becoming less useful, adaptable and secure as time goes on. What once worked well in the past, will lead to bottlenecks for your organisation down the line. Rather than wait for a problem to occur, many IT leaders are future-proofing their technology with cloud migration. Cloud migration is not only essential to secure your current business processes but can also offer many improvements such as increased scalability, agility and reduced costs to name a few. As the business landscape continues to be disrupted by market uncertainty, cyber security threats and much more unpredictable events, now is the time to look at securing your technology. Below we explore some of the top reasons that you should no longer delay harnessing the power of the cloud.

Data Security

Data security is a common concern for many organisations. All IT leaders are aware that any vulnerabilities within your IT infrastructure can leave you open to potential threats. While there was an original misconception that the cloud was unsafe for the storage of data, the cloud has been proven to give great protection to organisations. Some organisations may still believe that on-premise is still safer, but they must consider that cyber threats are constantly changing and becoming more advanced. On-premises solutions are reliant on existing technology, policies and software when it comes to security. There are times when these are not up to date and there is pressure on IT staff to make sure the latest security protocols are being upheld. With modern cloud solutions from providers like Microsoft, there is constant verifying, checking and updating of security protocols to minimize risks. With threats becoming more sophisticated, protecting your data with non-cloud-based solutions has become increasingly harder as time goes on.

Cloud is Adaptable

A common barrier to cloud migration is leaders believing that the organisation's needs are too complex. This is a common concern amongst organisations heavily reliant on highly customised on-premise solutions. For those organisations willing to invest the time and effort cloud migration, can actually give an organisation the opportunity to refine their solution often reducing the need for customisations while consolidating infrastructure, ultimately reducing the cost of ownership.

Even where customisation is required, modern cloud solutions offer the flexibility to meet modern business needs, with low-code applications such as Power Apps a useful tool to bridge the gap.

Change Is Needed For Growth

One of the key challenges faced by IT teams seeking to migrate to the cloud is the perception that the technology is working fine as it currently is, and this may well be the case, for some technologies. The truth is that even if works well right now without the cloud, your organisation could be missing a big opportunity to optimise efficiencies and grow your business.  With the competition harnessing the cloud to grow, don’t allow your organisation to get left behind. Work to future proof your business for more than just security with the cloud. According to recent IDG research, some of the top reasons for cloud adoption were greater flexibility (63%), speed improvements (71% ) and improved customer support (57%). Explore all the ways in which the cloud can help your business excel.

 If you would like to explore how cloud migration can help your organisation optimise operational efficiency or accelerate growth, get in touch today to speak to one of our Microsoft Azure experts. Alternatively, you can read our case study with Trialview.

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