Why Your Company Still Needs An Intranet

With new business technologies emerging, your organisation may be wondering if you still need a company intranet. We explore below why an intranet can still be a great investment for your business.

The author of this page: Brianna Bracken
Brianna Bracken, Marketing Executive May 14, 2021

An intranet is a private network used by companies to share and distribute company communications to employees. They are privately owned and cannot be accessed beyond the company. They have been used for years to support internal communication strategies within enterprises of all sizes. However, with new technologies now on the horizon and claims that the intranet as technology is becoming outdated, many business leaders may be questioning whether an intranet is still relevant or needed within their company.

The answer is that while there are many new technologies coming to challenge the intranet, the truth is that none of them quite match the functionality and ability of the intranet to act as a secure and central space for your company. Having a customisable space such as this is very valuable to a company. However, it is important to recognise that the intranet is not the only communication technology used by most businesses. Ensuring you have a modern intranet with integration abilities allows you to use it alongside other critical technologies allowing you to get the most value from the intranet. Let’s explore below some key reasons why your company still needs an intranet.

Central Information Source

Organisations usually have a large volume of information and files spread across different departments and different storage areas. The intranet can act as the central and trusted source of information for a company. This ensures all employees can get access to the latest documents templates, policies or product information easily saving employees time and effort chasing multiple people for particular information.

Reduce Risk

Managing information is crucial to not only make life easier for employees but also for security reasons. Having an intranet allows you to securely manage and govern the way information is being shared within your company ensuring it is kept just to employees. Further, this can also be essential for compliance purposes where a company can demonstrate certain processes are being followed around information sharing.

Less Administration

Cut out unnecessary tasks for your administration or HR team. Time gets lost responding to repeat requests around locating information or new records. Having a central space that HR can share relevant information that not only saves time for HR but also for employees as they can find what they are looking for quickly rather than waiting for email replies.  

Easier Collaboration

This benefit of an intranet is particularly important in light of remote and hybrid working models of today’s business environment. An intranet creates a space for teams to easily share documents, exchange ideas, collaborate together and keep on top of what other teams are working on regardless of geographical location. This also cuts out the need for multiple emails with multiple attachments when collaborating, the intranet allows for easier and more effective communication and collaboration.

Strong Company Culture

The intranet provides a space that allows employees to interact with and get to know one another. The company can also use the intranet to publish news and announcements, share the company vision and culture, recognise work done by employees and gather necessary feedback. This can ensure employees always feel that they are up to date with current events and news helping to feel more connected to the company culture and to fellow employees. The intranet may also be a great help for helping new hires become familiar with the company providing them with a place to learn, a central information source and a work community.

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