Introducing The New Microsoft 365 App

The widely used Office app is getting an upgrade. Microsoft has announced that the new Microsoft 365 app will soon replace the Office app.

The author of this page: Brianna Bracken
Brianna Bracken, Marketing Executive Dec 02, 2022

At Microsoft Ignite in October of this year, it was announced that the Microsoft Office App would be rebranded to the Microsoft 365 app which will include a new icon, features and styling.

The new Microsoft 365 app will be the home for all your favourite content and tools with new ways to help you find, share and create content in a single space. The new app should be similar to the existing app keeping many of the core features that users are familiar with.  You can use the Microsoft 365 app to create new documents or to access content or files shared with you. You can also discover new apps from across the numerous offerings available based on your Microsoft 365 subscription. The app also provides recommendations on work that might need your attention based on tasks, meetings, and other document activities. To help boost productivity, users can complete common quick tasks within the app eliminating the need to switch between apps.

While this is the functionality many users would expect, Microsoft has also added some new features that users didn’t have in the Office app. The new app will have a feed that will display content that’s trending at work and files shared with you from colleagues using intelligence from Microsoft Graph. This will be shown in a card-sized format. There is also a redesigned apps module to get easy access to any Microsoft 365 app such as SharePoint, OneDrive, or Microsoft Teams as well as third-party apps, which will now be available for mobile. Another piece of new functionality is 'tagging' which helps users to individually group content with ‘tags’ determined by them, regardless of where the content is stored helping users better organise their data.

Since much of the original functionality will remain, this update should not cause much disruption for regular users of the Office app. Microsoft is planning to roll out this app later in November 2022. This will be part of a phased roll-out meaning that not every customer will receive this update at the same time, but they should be able to access the new app at or The mobile app updates are expected to be rolled out in January 2022.

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