Introducing Viva Sales

Introducing Viva Sales, a new seller experience application in the Microsoft Viva suite of products.

The author of this page: Brianna Bracken
Brianna Bracken, Marketing Executive Dec 15, 2022

Microsoft recently launched Viva Sales which is a new seller experience application that connects any customer relationship management (CRM) solution, Microsoft 365 and Teams to create an AI-powered and seamless experience. In today’s hybrid working world, employees and customers are expecting more in terms of flexibility from how they work to the tools they work with.

For those who work in sales, instant access to the company CRM system as well as other critical business applications needed for daily tasks is required to keep on top of account management. Moving between multiple apps for different tasks from collaboration tools to client records can interrupt productivity and flow. However, if the sales team has everything they needed for their daily tasks in a single space where they spend a lot of their time anyways in meetings, calls or chats, this could provide a more seamless experience giving the sales more time with their customer and more chance to make an impact and strengthen customer relationships.

Based on this idea, the new seller experience application Viva Sales was created. A smart companion for your CRM, Viva Sales enriches your CRM application and creates a modern selling experience. Taking all the customer and opportunity insights that are present in Outlook, Microsoft Teams or any of the office applications like PowerPoint or Excel that don’t always map across to your CRM system due to the manual task of adding each individually. Viva Sales works to empower the sales team to be more connected to customers, deliver more personalised customer interactions encourage quicker deal closes. This is enabled by enriching your CRM with customer engagement data from Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams combined with power of artificial intelligence. Viva Sales uses easy customer tagging functionality which can automate the capture of data to provide a 360 view of customer status. Embedded AI provides recommendations and reminders to help move deals along acting like a sales coach with an intelligence layer informing the sales team of the information required to help boost productivity.

Viva Sales is a new addition to the employee experience platform Microsoft Viva. Microsoft Viva provides an integrated employee experience bringing together communications, employee insights, knowledge sharing and goals to help employees achieve more. The launch of Viva Sales is the first role-based application under Viva designed for the sales team helping bring them the information they need at the right team and right context in the tools they are already familiar with when they are in the flow of work. Further, as a CRM companion application, you are not required to have a Microsoft CRM system to avail of this.

If you would like to learn more about Microsoft Viva or Viva Sales, get in touch to speak to a member of our team.

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