Partner Focus: LS Retail

Committed to expanding the possibilities of what digital technology can achieve for our clients, we continue to grow our list of solutions partners, each hand-picked to deliver maximum business impact. In this series, we shine a light on some of these partners with this month's post focused on LS Retail.

The author of this page: Roisin McLaughlin
Roisin McLaughlin, Marketing Director Jul 04, 2022

A recent addition to Storm's partner network, LS Retail powers over 90,000 stores, retail chains, restaurants, pharmacies and service stations across 140 countries.

In business for over 30 years, LS Retail's vision is to make business easy through the delivery of commerce-focused software solutions that enhance the core capabilities of Microsoft's leading ERP platforms. Mike Lillis, Chief Commercial Officer at Storm Technology commented; "At Storm, we are committed to expanding the possibilities of what digital technology can achieve for our clients, an ethos we bring to partner selection. We carefully monitor the market to identify areas for business improvement, selecting Microsoft ISVs with a proven track record and best-in-breed technology solutions to meet emerging customer needs. Having spent time working closely with the team at LS Retail, their dedication to the delivery of quality solutions and customer satisfaction make us confident that they are the right fit for Storm Technology. We have seen a growing demand within the hospitality and retail sector and believe the introduction of LS Retail will prove invaluable to our clients within this space."

Speaking on the partnership, Carsten Wulff, Regional VP - Europe at LS Retail stated "We are happy to welcome Storm Technology Ltd. as an LS Retail partner in Ireland. We experience increased demands for end-to-end solutions in retail and hospitality covering all aspects of the business from POS and e-commerce to back office and HQ operations. Many customers are struggling with costs from maintaining too many integrations and a lack of transparency in their business. Storm has already established itself as a competent Microsoft BusinessSoluton partner with LS Central they can now offer a Unified Experience solution for F&B and Hotel Industries and a Unified Commerce solution for retail."

This partnership will see Storm bring two leading LS Retail solutions to the Irish market;

LS Express:

Operating within a highly competitive business landscape, small retailers can find it hard to find the right fit software solution for their needs, with systems typically falling into one of two categories too expensive to install or not powerful or flexible enough. Designed to address this challenge, LS Express is a web-based POS for small retailers using MS Dynamics Business Central.

A fully integrated solution, LS Express enables retailers to manage inventory, sales and accounting within Business Central, without the need to switch in and out of applications. Pay only for the capabilities you need and scale the solution in line with your business needs.

LS Central:

Designed to support every function within the business, LS Central takes the guesswork out of retail and hospitality management by bringing together the various retail processes required into a unified cloud-based platform.

Save time and money by irradicating the need for siloed POS, Loyalty, Replenishment, eCommerce, Analytics, Staff Management and ERP software, LS Central helps simplify data flow across the organisations and provides enhanced visibility across the entire customer journey. Powering growth both online and offline, LS Central enables your team to align pricing and replenishment to actual demand and deliver highly personalised deals, promotions and customer interactions.

To find out more or book your demo for LS Retail, click here to book a call with one of our Enterprise Resource Planning solution specialists.

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