MS Teams Meeting Updates - Ignite 2022

Microsoft continues to transform communications in the hybrid workplace with the announcement of further feature functionality for Microsoft Teams. Check out our top meeting updates from Ignite 2022.

The author of this page: Roisin McLaughlin
Roisin McLaughlin, Marketing Director Oct 19, 2022

The communication platform of choice for over one million organisations globally, Microsoft Teams continues to grow from strength to strength reporting an average of 270 Million monthly active users in 2022. With the solution continuing to displace the competition across every category - from collaboration to chat and meeting to calling it is no surprise that Microsoft announced a new wave of features and functionality during Ignite 2022.

Here's our top picks of the updates announced:

Meeting Updates

Continuing to transform the meeting experience and bring people "together", Microsoft has announced a series of Meeting updates including the introduction of Mesh Avatars, Cameo in PowerPoint Live and enhancements to "Together Mode".

Mesh Avatars & The Metaverse.

As the demographic profile of the traditional workforce continues to evolve, so too does the technology used to support day-to-day business operations. With data from the 2022 Work Trends Index Pulse Report revealing that some 51% of Gen Z envision working in the metaverse in the next 2 years, Microsoft Teams has announced bringing immersive meeting experiences to Quest and the introduction of Mesh Avatars for Teams. A move that will not only allow employees to connect, share and collaborate in virtual reality, but help employees bring their unique personalities into play through the creation of custom avatars. A move that will for many provide a much welcome break from the camera, while ensuring they still have a physical presence in Teams Meetings.

Cameo in PowerPoint Live

Catering for the hybrid meeting, Cameo from Microsoft Teams enables users to put their Microsoft Teams camera feed into their presentation for a more immersive presenter and audience experience. Customise how and where you want to appear on your slides and enhance and optimise viewing with in-platform design recommendations.

Plus further strengthen online meetings with Excel Live - a tool that enables attendees to interact with and edit an Excel file in meetings, without the need to have Excel running on their device - and collaborative annotations that allow you to draw, type and react directly to content being shared.

Together Mode Updated

Launched earlier this year, Together Mode helps make participants feel more like they are in the same room by leveraging AI segmentation technology to place attendees together in a virtual meeting room. The latest updates will allow meeting organisers and presenters to assign seats to meet participants and also pin the Together mode view to the meeting stage, ensuring everyone has the same view.

Teams Premium

For those seeking to take their meeting experience to the next level, Microsoft has announced Teams Premium. Built on the familiar Microsoft Teams experience, Teams Premium makes meetings more intelligent, personalised and secure with some key features noted below:

Meeting Guides

We all know that meetings are not one size fits all and yet when we schedule online meetings, we rely on a standard default. The new 'Meetings Guides' enable your team to select the right fit meeting type from a range of meeting guides that adhere to company best practices and policies. Plus with the guides easily customised and managed by your IT department, your organisation remains firmly in control.

Customised Meeting Branding

In business, having a well-established and easily identifiable brand is important. It sets you apart from the competition and helps build brand recognition to bring your brand personality to the fore, Teams Premium unlocks customised meeting branding. Enable your IT department to set a customised meeting lobby, add pre-defined backgrounds and build custom scenes for together mode and enable your corporate branding to shine through.

Plus safeguard brand reputation with end-to-end encryption, customised watermarking and sensitivity labelling.

Harness the Power of AI

With the average Teams user spending 252% more time in meetings each week since February 2020, there has never been a greater level of competition for our time. With so many competing priorities, ensure key meeting items are not missed with intelligent recap. Providing personalised meeting highlights, think of intelligent recap as your personal assistant for meetings helping you stay informed with;

  • AI-Generated Tasks: AI is used to generate tasks during and after the meeting so action items are not missed.

  • Autogenerated chapters: Allow you to quickly and easily navigate the recordings to find the information that matters most.

  • Personalised timeline markers: Private to you, these markers flag important moments such as when your name was mentioned, when a screen was shared and when you joined and left the meeting.

  • Intelligent transcript search: Displays speaker suggestions based on who you work closely with so you can quickly search transcripts.

Microsoft Places

A challenge for many organisations in the era of hybrid has been defining the purpose of the office and understanding their future real estate needs. To help reframe the office and understand business real estate needs, Micorosft Places helps coordinate where work gets done to achieve the best possible business outcomes.

This new product will feature tools to help identify when your colleagues are planning to go into the office while helping you maximise your in-person time effectively. For business leaders, this new technology will provide insight into space utilisation, occupancy and energy, supporting real-estate optimisation.

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