New D365 Capabilities Announced at Microsoft Ignite 2021

During Ignite 2021, Microsoft announced a number of new Microsoft Dynamics 365 capabilities that will help businesses adapt and evolve to elevate customer experience and unlock business resilience.

The author of this page: Deirdre Lysaght
Deirdre Lysaght, Marketing Executive Mar 10, 2021

With plenty of great announcements coming from Ignite 2021, we wanted to share a round up of the key Microsoft Dynamics updates scheduled for release between April and September 2021.

Dynamics 365 Marketing

First up is real-time customer journey orchestration capabilities in Dynamics 365 Marketing as part of the April release wave 1 updates. These capabilities will allow customer experience teams to engage customers in real-time based on interactions across marketing, sales, commerce and service to win customers and earn loyalty faster. The solution enables teams to personalise experiences with AI across digital and physical touchpoints and build customer trust with a unified, adaptable platform.

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Updates to Dynamics 365 Customer Insights power even greater insights from ecosystem-wide data and direct activation on new destinations, including Microsoft Advertising and third-party services. Deep integration with Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics also empowers organisations to build custom AI models and improve relevancy with advanced segmentation and targeting.

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

Microsoft is also adding real-time survey capabilities in Dynamics 365 Customer Voice. In addition, within Dynamics 365 Marketing, people can use customer journeys to create automated campaigns with workflows triggered by survey responses.

Microsoft Teams & Dynamics 365 Integrations

Microsoft also unveiled tighter integrations between Dynamics and its Microsoft Teams collaboration platform. A new embedded Teams experience helps sellers leverage Teams chat directly in Dynamics 365 Sales. Sellers can see chats, channels and people related to a customer record, start a conversation without leaving Dynamics 365 plus see suggested actions to help close deals.

Microsoft also introduced an embedded Teams dialer for Dynamics 365 and an extensible Teams meeting experience that ties back to Dynamics 365 Sales. Conversation Intelligence in Dynamics 365 Sales automatically transcribes calls and analyses content, sentiment and behavioural style.

Sellers can generate Teams calls right from within their workflows, inside their CRM, with conversational metrics and advanced business insights surfaced on top of those calls.

Sales teams can also monitor career movements of contacts using LinkedIn Sales Navigator and connect sales records to Teams without leaving Dynamics 365 Sales. Here integration with LinkedIn Sales Insights and Dynamics 365 Sales lets you automatically import the latest company profile data, such as size and growth of specific departments and job titles, from LinkedIn Sales Insights into a matched account in Dynamics 365. This combination helps sales ops teams by providing more reliable, trusted data that's updated in real-time so that sales ops can focus sellers on building relationships with accounts with the most opportunity.

Another capability allows users to set up, promote and report on events hosted on Microsoft Teams from within Dynamics 365 Marketing. They can export attendee data and view customer segments created in Dynamics 365 Marketing based on audience attendance. Customer journeys, including starter emails, are also automatically created to nurture attendees. Users can then further customise the content and experiences for attendees based on how they engage and orchestrate personalised customer journeys.

With Teams capabilities embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service, customer service agents can find and collaborate with the right, available subject matter experts or supervisors and link relevant chats to underlying records.

Dynamics 365 Field Service

Microsoft also used the conference to unveil customer engagement capabilities for Dynamics 365 Field Service that will enable end customers to find their technicians and rate their visits. Customers can also schedule appointments directly from their devices, receive automated service visit reminders, access real-time location tracking while the technician is on route, and submit direct feedback.

Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management

Microsoft also used the conference to introduce Microsoft Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management, which allows companies to intelligently orchestrate fulfilment and automate it with a rule-based system using real-time omnichannel inventory data, AI, and machine learning. They can measure fulfilment effectiveness and model the order fulfilment journey using designer tools.

Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management integrates with any enterprise resource planning (ERP), CRM, warehouse management, fulfilment and delivery systems and has no dependencies on other Dynamics 365 products.

These are just some of the exciting announcements coming out of Ignite 2021, with further details and relevant links available by reading the Book of News for Ignite 2021 or watching the Ignite sessions on demand.

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