Helping Shape the Future of the Irish Public Sector

In a recent interview with the Public Sector Magazine, Mike Lillis shared insight into how Storm Technology is helping shape the future of the Irish Public sector.

The author of this page: Mike Lillis
Mike Lillis, Chief Commercial Officer Aug 02, 2022

The opposition in Dail Eireann is brewing up a storm right now. And the political journalists are in their element. Predicting that by the advent of summer's recess, our public representatives will have raised more parliamentary questions than there are people residing in Waterford City (53,825).

Those parliamentary questions make their way to the various Government Departments in various formats for electronic processing. But the responses must be returned in an exact custom format to facilitate the provision of information in an accurate and timely manner to other Government Departments and Public Bodies. Cue Storm Technology Ltd.

This solution forms just one part of the suite of ‘build to share’ common applications (solutions that can be used across multiple departments and public sector bodies, while working in harmony with internal technology needs) developed by Storm to help transform operations in Ireland’s public sector. Other applications include electronic tracking and handling of Parliamentary questions, document management, chief executive orders and the management of local authority meetings.

Founded by Karl Flannery, the company’s current Chief Executive Officer, Storm Technology has been recognised across both the Public and Private sectors as a trusted partner for the delivery of technology and service excellence for over two decades. Continuing to hit the target with discerning organisations and consumers who are demanding greater efficiency and convenience when engaging with public services.

While Ireland has traditionally been viewed as something of a laggard in the EU in terms of technology adoption, we have seen a shift in this narrative over the past 10 years, particularly within the Public Sector. The evolution of technology within the public service has seen a move towards cloud-based technology.

I think those engaged in the public sector are starting to see technology as an enabler rather than something that has to be done. Take for example security, I think the interesting thing we will start to see is that even the most cautious of public sector departments will start to move to the cloud, as the challenges of managing data protection and data security become even more pronounced. We will need to place a lot of focus on these concerns as things become more cloud-based” says Storm’s Chief Commercial Officer, Mike Lillis.

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