Supercharge Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

With collaboration proven to help improve productivity and create a sense of purpose, Microsoft has announced new collaborative features for Microsoft Teams.

The author of this page: Conall O'Kane
Conall O'Kane, Practice Manager - Modern Workplace Nov 03, 2022

The glue that binds the various processes in the organisation together, collaboration management has never been more critical than in today's hybrid business landscape. From asynchronous collaboration to hybrid meetings ensuring all employees have the necessary resources to share ideas, skills and expertise is critical for future success.

With this in mind, a leading provider of hybrid workplace solutions, Microsoft announced several new collaboration features in Microsoft Teams. To help you better understand how these features can support collaboration in your workplace, let's explore some of the key updates.

MS Teams Channel Experience Reimagined

With over 270 million monthly active users, Microsoft Teams has emerged as the go-to solution of choice for workplace collaboration. Central to this success are Microsoft Teams Channels, dedicated sections within a team where conversations organised by specific topics, projects or disciplines happen and collaborative work gets done.

Designed to make it easier to focus and collaborate the new look channel experience has been developed to better meet the needs of the modern worker. Recent posts will now sit at the top, enabling users to spend less time getting up to speed on the latest conversations and boosting two-way dialogue.

With a focus on speed of information access, the new channel experience enables users to select from a range of post types and provides the option to pop out or pin posts for quick reference. To further enhance information sharing the channel will also feature an information pane with details on channel members, shared files and more.

Live Collaboration Features

In addition to the new channel experience, in-meeting collaboration has been simplified with live collaboration features, Excel Live and collaborative annotations. Take file sharing to the next level Excel Live, and enable meeting attendees to interact with and edit Excel files in Microsoft Teams, without the need to switch between screens or have Excel running on your device.

Collaborative annotations bring the rich toolset of Whiteboard to the fore and encourage meeting attendees to share notes, reactions and comments directly to the content being shared. Enabling your team to avoid distractions by keeping employees connected on one screen, without the need to move between screens and solutions. While the Polls feature helps keep meeting attendees engaged, speed up the decision making and keep the momentum going.

With virtual collaboration here to stay, get in touch with our solution experts today to find out more about the Microsoft solutions that can help your business thrive in the hybrid workplace.

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