Modern Workplace Report 2024

Discover how the latest technologies are shaping the future of the modern workplace across Ireland with findings from our latest survey.

The author of this page: Brianna Bracken
Brianna Bracken, Marketing Executive Apr 23, 2024

From the rise of AI to the rapidly evolving working landscape, capitalising on opportunities and driving innovation through technology and strategy remains crucial for business success.

To help business leaders get to grips with the modern workplace and truly capitalise on its potential, we commissioned an independent survey with Tech Central to get the opinions of IT decision-makers in larger enterprises and businesses across Ireland. 

Building on last year's findings, this survey of over 100 IT leaders in larger enterprises across Ireland provides insight into how Irish organisations are leveraging technologies to improve innovation and enhance business performance. It also explores the perception of AI and its role in the digital workplace.

modern workplace report 2024

Key Report Findings Include:

  • Companies investing in AI expect to spend an average of €436,500 this year.

  • 59% of IT leaders think their company needs to adopt AI to be competitive over the next three years.

  • Almost half (49%) say senior management does not understand the potential of AI.

  • Enabling productivity is a leading factor in driving the modernisation of 60% of workplaces.

  • 70% of IT leaders see cybersecurity as a top priority area for IT spending.

  • 77% of IT leaders say their organisation is concerned about how to govern AI.

  • Just 28% of enterprises have a strategy in place to address any AI risks that arise.

  • 61% don’t believe their team has the skills or knowledge to implement and adopt AI.

To read the report in full, download using the link below.

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