[On-Demand Webinar] Empowering Charity – Transform Financial Operations with ERP

Join Conor Flanagan, ERP Team Lead at Storm, who shares insights on how charities and non-profit organisations can harness the power of D365 Business Central to enhance financial processes.

The author of this page: Rachael Kavanagh
Rachael Kavanagh, Marketing Executive Jul 03, 2024

In the Charity / Non-profit sector, effective management of funding and resources is paramount to achieving organisational goals and maximising impact. Yet outdated finance systems often hinder progress, resulting in issues like data silos and time-consuming manual processes that inhibit organisational output. ERP is the game-changer that offers charities the means to modernise finance by harnessing cutting-edge technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, to streamline financial processes and optimise resource allocation. 

By consolidating financial processes into one unified business platform, ERP solutions provide unparalleled visibility into core charity processes, from budgeting and grant management to reporting and compliance. Modernising your finance system with ERP will ensure that your organisation has access to accurate, real-time data and the technology it needs to drive positive change.  

To learn how ERP can help your charity, check out our on-demand ERP for Charities webinar with Conor Flanagan, ERP Team Lead at Storm, who will showcase how D365 Business Central can be used to transform financial processes in your organisation and amplify mission impact.  

This on-demand webinar will cover: 

  • The role of ERP for Charities & Non-Profits.

  • Optimising use of funds with grant management in Business Central.

  • Enhancing transparency with cost allocation and advanced reporting functionality in Business Central.

  • How Storm can help you get started.  

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