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Employee experience continues to remain a focus for business leaders in today's current working environment. To help inform organisations, Microsoft has released some research on how we can reimagine employee experience and support it with technology.

The author of this page: Brianna Bracken
Brianna Bracken, Marketing Executive Dec 12, 2022

Over the past few years, working norms have changed and we have shifted into a space where many organisations are still trying to figure out what strategy is working well from both a business operations perspective but also from an equally important employee experience perspective.

In a time when holding on to talent is proving challenging, employee experience is an important focus for many. Even while employees may see each other less, they still need to feel connected to colleagues and engaged with their workplace. There is no better time than the present to reimagine the future of work for your employees. Microsoft has released some new research regarding employee experience. Below, we explore some highlights from this research.

Hybrid Work

Digital-first ways of working will continue the be the norm with 91% of employees preferring at least some time at home. Location of work will matter less while greater flexibility will be favoured.

Invest In Your Employees

Invest in your employees and they will invest in you. Creating a great employee experience is critical to the success of organisations in today’s business landscape with a 4x increased likelihood of engaged employees staying in the company. Engaged employees can also lead to a 12% increase in customer satisfaction rates.

Future of Work

Reimaging the future of work involves creating environments that encourage employees to work to their highest potential. Each solution for your workspace should support four core areas: workstyle (supporting new workstyle preference), workspace (hybrid embracing flexibility and wellbeing), mindset (digitally capable workforce with a growth mindset) and technology (analytics-driven workforce).

Reimagining employee experience involves looking at seven key areas. Microsoft and Microsoft partners are uniquely positioned to provide solutions that can help accelerate employee experience and prepare for the future of work across these areas.

Create borderless, equitable borders – Prioritising the unification of employees across different locations and promoting flexibility

Enable seamless digital experiences – Rethinking how employees engage with processes, tools and data to create a streamlined experience with digital technology

Improving Employee Wellbeing- Boost employee engagement and satisfaction while minimizing burnout and fostering an environment of well-being and support.

Turn insights into actions to enable cultural transformation – Creating a motivating culture helps employees engage their highest potential within their work.

Unleash creativity with automation and AI – Rethink your automation strategy to identify processes that are repetitive and time-consuming to help empower employees.

Harness collective knowledge – Refine your knowledge management strategy to uncover valuable insights and connect employees with the information they need for their work.

Upskill for today, reskill for tomorrow -Empower your employees to succeed in today’s digital landscape by ensuring access to necessary training and technology.

To read the eBook in full, use the link below. Or if you would like to explore how Microsoft technology can help transform employee experience in your workplace, get in touch to speak to an expert.

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