[Webinar] Unlocking Opportunity Through Digital Transformation

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Transforming the business landscape, digital transformation enables organisations of all sizes to optimise operational processes, deliver customer experience excellence and unlock the value within their data. At Storm, we help organisations make sense of these technologies to drive sustainable growth and maximise return on technology investment.

During this webinar, we will explore how organisations like yours can unlock business opportunities through digital technology enablement. For further details, please see below.

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Empowering Growth through Digital Technology Enablement

Faced with rapidly evolving consumer expectations, increased competition and heightened volatility within the global supply chain, leaders within the manufacturing sector are fast-tracking their digital transformation initiatives to realise operational efficiencies and address customer challenges. Therefore to keep pace with partner and client expectations, manufacturers have no choice but to innovate. To turn business data into actionable insight and revolutionise operations both in the back office and on the production line.

At Storm, we have over 25 years of experience helping companies expand the possibilities of what digital technologies can achieve for their business which is why we are proud to partner with clusters within the Regional Technology Clustering Fund to deliver a webinar focused on helping organisations like yours maximise business potential through digital transformation.

Webinar Overview

During this session, our speakers including Senior Business Analyst Lindsey Benaissa and Senior Project Manager Paul Mathison will focus on three core areas;

Why Change?

We explore the continuing surge in digital transformation initiatives, taking a look at the potential business impact of these initatives within the manufacturing sector.

Ensuring Success

With business analysis key for successful digital transformation, Lindsey Benaissa will share some tips and tricks to ensure your team effectively prepare for operational and data optimisation.

From Concept to Project Close

Paul Mathison will share insights on what to expect, walking through some customer cases and sharing project wins, lessons learnt and the business impact of digital transformation.


The introduction of Project Online, eliminated the top-one project manager's complaint, the manual spreadsheets, templates nd reports. Digitalising the whole process and transforming the way we manage and govern Projects and Programmes at TCD. The PPM system provides a one-stop shop to our entire project management community, providing a single source of truth for our projects.

Carlos Mandolesi
PMO Portfolio Manager

Information is now logically stored and organised which makes it easier to file documents in the right place. Powerful search saves time searching for documents while automatic version control reduces duplication and loss of information. Moving to online document management has been a game-changer.

Theresa Cloonan
IS Program Manager

It was intuitively clear to us that there was a great opportunity to increase the revenue we were getting from the services division of our business. What Storm Technology did was help us design and implement a pioneering quotation and ordering solution that made it happen.

Kenneth Fox
Director of IT @ Avaya
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