[Webinar] Project Management Without Limits

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Join Malek Al-Shayeb (Principal PPM Consultant) and Paul Mathison (Senior Project Manager) as we explore the evolution of Project Management and take a look at how your team can bridge the divide between the Professional and Occasional Project Manager to #worksmarter with MS Project for Web.

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#WorkSmarter with MS Project for Web

Rapid digitalisation combined with growing market uncertainty, means organisations face greater pressure than ever before to adapt and bring new products/services to market. It is little surprise therefore that over 75% of senior executives globally place a higher priority on investing in technology to better enable project success.

However, for organisations seeking to future proof this investment and safeguard project success, selecting the right solution requires balancing the needs of Executives, Portfolio Managers, Project Managers and Team Members. Bringing together the needs of both Professional and Occasional Project Managers to boost communication and collaboration across the organisation. 

Project Management Without Limits

During this session, Malek Al-Shayeb (Principal PPM Consultant) and Paul Mathison (Senior Project Manager) will

Look at the rise of the Occasional Project Manager and the impact of this evolution on the modern business landscape.

Share some tips and tricks to help determine the right fit Project Management Solution for your unique business needs.

Deep dive into some of our clients preferred MS Accelerators including MS Teams Integration and Power BI


The introduction of Project Online, eliminated the top-one project manager's complaint, the manual spreadsheets, templates nd reports. Digitalising the whole process and transforming the way we manage and govern Projects and Programmes at TCD. The PPM system provides a one-stop shop to our entire project management community, providing a single source of truth for our projects.

Carlos Mandolesi
PMO Portfolio Manager
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