[Webinar] Re-energise Legacy Applications

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In this webinar (aimed at Senior IT professionals and C-Suite executives), we explore the importance of application modernisation in the context of the modern business landscape. During this session, our panel of experts will deep dive into the importance of app modernisation and we will hear first-hand how SteriPack Group leveraged Microsoft Azure to modernise their global QMS system.

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Realise Business Potential with App Modernisation

In today’s hyper-competitive, rapidly evolving business landscape, application modernisation is a growing focus for senior management as they seek to drive innovation, streamline operations, and deliver customer experience excellence.  

Digital transformation, an industry buzzword pre-Covid, has become the norm. Yet, legacy solutions, blockers to the realisation of the full potential of digital transformation, are still reported to make up 31% of an organisation’s technology. With many such legacy systems underpinning critical business processes and operations, modernisation can seem daunting.

Join Storm Technology and guest speaker Joe Tallon (SteriPack) as we address some of these concerns in our upcoming webinar.

During this session, Application Modernisation evangelists Ali Mohd and Eamonn Keane along with special guest Joe Tallon, Director of Global IT at SteriPack Group will explore the role of application modernisation in supercharging business growth.

Deep dive into the potential drivers for application modernisation including present and future challenges, risks and opportunities.

Hear a first-hand account of how SteriPack Group modernised critical legacy applications to support growth at scale.

Learn how to identify and implement the right application modernisation strategy for your unique business needs with tips from our experts.


In addition to transforming the employee experience, the solution leverages Azure Data Platform and Power BI to deliver greater business insight and streamline operations from a training management perspective... The integration of Power BI and fronting of these reporting dashboards through Teams has driven up system adoption and provides the leadership team with real-time data at both a global and individual site level.

Joe Tallon
Director of Global IT

From day one we needed to build our channel management solution with the flexibility to grow and scale in line with our customers' demands. No mean feat at a time when cloud technology was still in its infancy but Storm Technology helped us devise the right strategy using Microsoft Azure.

Kenneth Fox
Chief Executive @ Channel Mechanics
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