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Forge long-lasting relationships through service excellence.

Every business knows that long-term customers are among their most valuable assets – less expensive than acquiring new ones and guaranteeing repeat revenue. By keeping them close and meeting their needs more efficiently with Storm's Customer Service and Support solutions, place customer service at the heart of your business and achieve competitive advantage in your sector.

Centralise Control for a 360-degree view of customer engagement

Take a pro-active approach to customer retention with real-time information on customer engagement. Personalise support services and ensure resources are focused on the highest value customers.

Adopt best-practice processes to drive productivity

Leveraging process automation and best practice methodologies will improve productivity by enabling your support team to tackle customer issues before they become serious.

Inform Business Strategy

Bridging the gap between management knowledge and the customer experience enables you to build a business strategy around a better understanding of customer needs, maximising R&D investments, stimulating business growth and supporting faster go-to-market strategies.


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How we do it

Our Customer Service & Support Solutions portfolio uses cloud components from Microsoft Dynamics 365 to provide an integrated service environment that will give your customers the experience they expect. This holistic customer view combined with the seamless integration of technologies across different parts of the business will provide your team with the insights they need to resolve issues quickly, avert churn and advance cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

We enable you to have a constant conversation with your customers, using the owned websites, social media and other channels. Keeping customers up to speed on your business and solving their issues in real-time.

With Storms Customer Service and Solution solutions turn customer service and support into a seamless process, allowing your team to be more proactive with their customer engagements while maintaining a visible audit trail that ticks important regulatory boxes.

Choose your package

Delivered from the cloud as part of Dynamics 365, we tailor Microsoft's market-leading software to different business needs with three distinctive packages. The point of entry will depend on your level of maturity around Customer Service and Support.

Because Dynamics 365 is built to scale with your business, many clients have invested in the Storm solutions sequentially, starting at entry level then adding features and functionality with the other packages as their expertise and capabilities grow.

StormStarter Customer Service Solution

StormAdvanced Customer Service Solution

StormPremium Customer Service Solution

Take the first step towards joined-up customer service by standardising and automating processes, and making customer engagement more transparent. Early wins will see you drive productivity in your service team and reduce average case time to close. None of this will be lost on customers; satisfaction ratings will start to soar.With advanced reporting turn customer insights into personalised support experiences and ensure resources are focused on the highest value customers. New product and service launches can be coordinated and aligned across communication channels to keep customer conversations going. Empower customers with self-service tools and watch your Net Promoter Score (NPS) index rise. 360-degree visibility empowers your team to better manage the customer journey, from onboarding and support through to market-driven product development. Success becomes measurable with clear targets for customer satisfaction and improved customer retention.
  • Environment Setup
    Environment Setup
  • Account Management
    Account Management
  • Basic SLA Management
    Basic SLA Management
  • Email Management
    Email Management
  • Mobile Access
    Mobile Access
  • Knowledge Base
    Knowledge Base
  • Contacts Management
    Contacts Management
  • Case Management
    Case Management
  • Queue Management
    Queue Management
  • Basic Reporting
    Basic Reporting
  • Security
  • Training

Everything in Starter pack plus

  • Stakeholder Management
    Stakeholder Management
  • Goal Management
    Goal Management
  • Social Engagement
    Social Engagement
  • Advanced Reporting
    Advanced Reporting
  • Campaign Management
    Campaign Management
  • Process Automation
    Process Automation
  • View Configuration
    View Configuration
  • Dashboard  Configuration
    Dashboard  Configuration
  • Form Customisations
    Form Customisations
  • Business Process Flows
    Business Process Flows
  • Word/Excel Template
    Word/Excel Template
  • Duplicate Detection Configuration
    Duplicate Detection Configuration

Everything in Advanced pack plus

  • Full 360-degree View
    Full 360-degree View
  • Customer Self-Service Portal
    Customer Self-Service Portal
  • Unified Service Desk
    Unified Service Desk
  • Advanced Reporting
    Advanced Reporting
  • Service Intelligence
    Service Intelligence
  • Integrated Communication
    Integrated Communication


Download datasheet



Download datasheet


Download datasheet ​ ​


If your company requires a more customised sales and marketing solution the team at Storm have years of expertise in designing and developing CRM solutions to match unique customer needs.

To find out more simply contact us at



Additional Features

  • Skype for Business
  • Outlook Integration
  • OneNote Integration
  • SharePoint Integration
  • Power BI Integration
  • Social Engagement


  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Migration
  • Data Integration
  • Personalised Training Pack
  • Live Chat Integration
  • Success Manager Pack
  • Field Service Configuration
  • Voice of the Customer Configuration
  • Custom XRM Solutions


Extend each product and make it more scalable with these Add-Ons.

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