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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Making data insights more accessible

There is an explosion in data that organisations are struggling to exploit. Whether it's clinical records in healthcare, actuarial information for insurance, or financial statistics in business, valuable insights that should be steering the course of a company are often lost or misunderstood because of badly designed visualisation models.

 Storm has responded to a growing problem by developing a powerful and intuitive way of seeing data, enabling different users groups to bring insights to the surface in ways that are more accurate, accessible and easier to interpret.

Discovering real business value

We will work with your key stakeholders and subject matter experts in a discovery phase that determines precisely what data insights will deliver the biggest benefits to your business. Formats, presentational preferences, drill-down capabilities and interactive features will be designed to align with internal protocols and user interfaces across multiple different departments.

With employees under increased time pressure, the goal is to create self-service dashboards that reflect your business focus in a timely and accurate way, with customised rules on how reports are delivered in terms of frequency, audience and adaptability of design.

Why we do it better

Effective data visualisation depends on bridging the gap between content and design to present a visual narrative relevant to the specific user audience. We achieve this in a process that is highly creative and technically proficient.

 A number of processes are combined in our unique methodology:

  • Key inputs from the discovery process are used to create a visual mock-up, a vital stepping-stone with an animated PowerPoint that shows what the solution will eventually look like.

  • ​Interconnected data sets are compressed to create a powerful singular view of how key indicators are presented. The data is then embedded in multi-dimensional structures that facilitate different views for people in different roles.

  • Visualisation is optimised to display the metrics that matter, made easy with self-service adaptability and intuitive user dashboards designed to be future proof.   

The outcome is insights that are simpler to analyse, delivering information that is easier to understand. We put organisations on the front foot when it comes to data, presenting a strong visual narrative that will empower the business through intellectual clarity.

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