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Great information is everywhere but harnessing it can be hard

We live in an information rich world that every day far surpasses our expectations.  For businesses harnessing the information that is powerful to the organisation in way that people can find it, get it, use it, share it and store it with easy and effectiveness can be problematic.  Building a content management strategy for your business in no longer that simple – it's a far cry from company-wide file shares.  It needs to encompass the structured and unstructured, the social and the formal, the internal and the external as well as a myriad of formats from tweets to videos.  It needs to exude user-friendliness while still meeting compliance and legal requirements.  It demands a well-planned strategy and an innovative technology platform - which is why companies turn to Storm and SharePoint.

SharePoint is the enabler

SharePoint leads the industry when it comes to enterprise content management – with nearly two decades of innovation and development the platform combines robustness and dynamism bringing together the world of structured and formal information with the social and informal.

Powerful taxonomies and tagging systems,  FAST search capabilities, records managements and social integration are just a few of the key features embedded in the platform.  Operating online or on-premise the SharePoint platform brings tangible value to any business where information is the essence of success.

Storm's expertise

We have been involved with SharePoint since its infancy – as result we know the platform intimately and we understand how to bend and shape it to do the things your business needs.  We are Ireland's SharePoint experts and we build enterprise content management solutions that make a real difference to people and organisations.  Some of the stuff we do includes:

  • Creating a single information platform – bringing together structured and unstructured information including documents, records, web content, emails, audio, video, social media and collaboration workspaces
  • Designing unified conventions for storage and retrieval – creating a systematic approach to how files are named and stored along with information models, taxonomies and meta-tag structures
  • Fast and effective search capabilities – including relevance and rankings of search results along with the visual and contextual presentation of findings
  • Familiar interfaces - combines client branding with navigation tool-sets, based on Microsoft Office, which are familiar to users and easy to use
  • Driving user adoption across the business – from board level to individual employee and users


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