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Social collaboration, social networking, and social media are high on the list of buzz words today but there is a lot more to it than just marketing hype. As all smart companies know social collaboration is not about chit-chat - it is a really powerful communication strategy that leveraged well will drive productivity, learning, sharing, empowerment and engagement across a business – all of which tangibly impact business success and the bottom line.  However like all good strategies social collaboration needs a plan, process and platform.

SharePoint and Yammer are social collaboration

One of the big challenges of business enhancing social collaboration has been that for it to be really effective it needs to encompass both structured and freeform communications.  To-date most solutions focus on one or the other.   But when you put Microsoft SharePoint and Yammer together you have a complete collaboration solution. 

With Microsoft SharePoint you have a long standing proven platform that excels at enabling systematic and structured collaboration with workflows and document management that create the scaffolding for teamwork.  Add to that the capabilities of Yammer which the fosters dynamic and freeform collaboration of social networking, micro blogging and rich media sharing  and you have a winning team.

Collaborate with Storm

If your company's social collaboration strategy is to be more than just chit-chat then its needs a well-planned, designed and structured approach.    Storm has the expertise and experience to bring together the structure and the unstructured information sources and to create a social collaboration platform that will deliver engagement, productivity, empowerment, sharing and learning.

We know this because we have built them before.



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