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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We are 100 per cent focused on Microsoft technology - our singular focus gives us a breadth and depth of knowledge that is hard to find elsewhere.

We understand Microsoft’s over-arching technology strategy - how the different platforms work together and as a result we know how to match up the various bits of the jigsaw to help our clients maximize their investment. For example we understand how SharePoint can integrate with Dynamics CRM to deliver a customer centric social enterprise solution. We know first-hand how to leverage Microsoft Azure with the xRM platform to create a mobile patient case management solution that revolutionizes “in-the-home” patient care.  Likewise we understand the individual technologies with a depth of rigour that only comes with extensive experience and exposure. We know the tips and tricks that make things work just that bit smarter because our team have been there before and know what works from hands-on trial and error.

If you have invested in Microsoft technology or if you are thinking of doing so our team can help get a better return for your business on every euro spent.

Microsoft Partner Awards

Built on SharePoint and Supported by Dynamics CRM

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