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BI360 - Business Intelligence Suite

​​Solve all of your reporting, consolidation & budgeting needs in one system


BI360 is a complete Business Intelligence (BI) and Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution incorporating Reporting, Consolidation, Budgeting and Dashboards.

It is built on Microsoft technology – SQL server at the backend and Excel-based reports for end users. Being Excel-based, the BI360 report writer is immediately familiar and hugely flexible in terms of formats and layouts. BI360 is a Business Intelligence suite that is modern, user-friendly, easy to learn and quick to implement.


Why BI360?

Streamline your reporting process

  • The BI360 suite meets all your Reporting, Consolidation and Planning needs in one application – no need to learn and support multiple products
  • Automate Data Collation, Consolidation and Planning processes
  • Eliminate email traffic – reporting data is loaded directly to BI360
  • Eliminate the risks and manual effort associated with spreadsheet-based reporting
  • Centrally control permissions, roles and reporting t​imetables

Speed up the close

  • Automate the month and year-end rollover process
  • Budget and prior period comparatives etc. are automatically included in reports
  • Control the production of multiple formats for different audiences e.g. Management Accounts, Board Papers, Statutory reports, Investors, External stakeholders
  • Produce board quality reports and presentations directly from BI360 – no more rekeying


Empower the Finance function

  • Designed to be owned, developed and managed by Finance personnel
  • Users can modify dimensions, change hierarchies, add datasets and develop new reports, without dependence on IT or technical resources
  • Use Publishing features to schedule and automate the distribution of reports to multiple audiences


Integrated modular solution

  • Start with the feature you need most e.g. Consolidation and then add other modules as your requirements evolve
  • Core components such as the Chart of Accounts are shared across all modules, which reduces maintenance and development overhead
  • Integrate additional internal and external data sources easily in the data warehouse e.g. Operational Data, External Benchmarking statistics, Web Site analytics etc.



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