The modern Finance function is expected to add value by providing business insight, supported by high-quality reports and powerful analytics. Our Reporting solution makes it easy to meet the demands of increasing data volumes, additional sources and faster turnaround times with out-of-the-box integration to many of the world's most popular on-premise and cloud-based ERP Solutions.

With a focus on making it easy to automate the iterative collation and mapping of data into a corporate reporting database, Solver's reporting module provides simple tools for managing currency, aggregation, rollups and KPI calculations. Finally, our easy to use report writer leverages all the capability of Excel to produce highly formatted reports, charts and dashboards providing internal and external users with the quality they demand.

Use Financial Reporting To Power Business Growth

Streamline reporting and turn insight into action with customisable, professional reporting from Solver.

Seamless Integration:

Featuring out-of-the-box integration to critical business systems including CRM, ERP and Analytics, harness the power of real-time reporting with 'live' mode.

Accessibility & Security:

Access reports anytime, anywhere with confidence on Excel, Web and Mobile interfaces, all backed by extensive security models to control reports, data and dimensions.


Shorten reporting cycles with the automation of data collection and aggregation stages of reporting. With the elimination of repetitive manual tasks, your team can spend more time on delivering value through data analysis.

Powerful Report Writer

Generate professional reports with ease, thanks to a simple drag n' drop report writer and a familiar Excel-based system interface.

Flexible Reporting Options

Group reports together into useful packs and provide on-demand access to reporting with the 'self-service' portal.