Connect Intranet

Create an engaged and informed workforce with Connect Intranet

With a rich out-of-the-box feature set, Storm's Connect Intranet provides everything you need to design an effective collaborative portal.

Create an engaged and informed workforce with Connect Intranet

Boost engagement and foster a culture of innovation with Connect Intranet.

Operating at the centre of all company communications, Storm's Connect Intranet unites employees across all departments and geographies with a single digital space for company news, updates. A two-way interactive communication portal designed to encourage knowledge and idea-sharing.

Striking the balance between the information sharing and control, Connect provides the tool you need to govern information flow and securely manage documents while ensuring employees have all they need at their fingertips.

What can Connect Intranet do for your business?

Connect all employees with centralised communications hub.

Encourage employee collaboration and engagement.

Boost productivity by ensuring easy access to essential workplace files.

Key Features

Connect Intranet Key Features

Customised Branding

Employ a branded look and feel to your Intranet with a customised design based on selected brand colours and logos.

Dynamic Content Sharing

Create engaging content with flexible content types, interactive elements and real-time comments.

Mega Menu

Effortlessly create custom mega menus with a choice of pre-built menu formats to make navigation easier for your workforce.

Connect Anywhere

Stay connected anytime, anywhere with real-time content updates on mobile or tablet via the Microsoft SharePoint app.

Microsoft 365 Integration

Easily integrate Connect with the Microsoft 365 solution stack to ensure all commonly used apps are just a click away.

Rapid Deployment

Getup and running in days with rich out-of-the-box functionality from Connect Intranet.

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Our Team

Our Dedicated Team

In response to the growing demand for an out-of-the-box intranet solution, our team of highly skilled SharePoint experts created Connect Intranet. Connect harnesses the very best of SharePoint functionality and combines it with an understanding of both business and end-user requirements, providing our clients with a powerful intranet solution that can be deployed in days.

Change Management Meeting

Change Management

We understand that return on investment is dependent on a high user adoption rate. Which is why we focus not only on the technology but on the human side of change. Our dedicated change management team specialises in creating positive employee experiences through strategic change management initiatives and user training.

Change Management

"By building T-Net on the SharePoint platform we have been able to bring the day-to-day management of our Intranet in-house. The easy-to-use interface means the communications team can manage the solution, minimising the need for third-party intervention going forward and alleviating the burden on our IT Services department."

Sally-Anne Fisher
Head of Communications

The intranet has done more than just provide a place for people to find information – it has helped improve morale and company culture, making everyone feel part of the same team”

Rebecca McGee
Head of IT, LIA
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