Continia Document Capture

Automate Document Handling with Continia Document Capture

Streamline daily document processing with Continia Document Capture, the best end-to-end add-on solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Automate Document Handling with Continia Document Capture

Automate data entry with intelligent document scanning.

Faced with an ever-growing stream of invoices and other documents, finance teams are often forced to spend valuable time and resources on repetitive data entry processes. Detrimental to not only team productivity and morale this over-reliance on manual data entry can also prove costly due to increased risk of human error.

Using the very latest scan technology, Continua Document Capture effortlessly scans incoming documents and automates the data extraction process streamlining day to day financial operations and mitigating business risk.

How Continia Document Management Can Help Your Business

Reduce admin costs and increase productivity with automated data entry.

Approve documents anytime, anywhere with a fully indexed digital archive.

With robust controls and full audit trails baked in, enhance document security.

Key Features

Contina Document Management

End-to-End Data Capture

Award-winning OCR technology enables all types of documents to be scanned, registered, posted and archived with full-text search capability.

Intelligent Automation

Automated workflows download and process documents from pre-defined e-mails and file locations, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

Digital Archive

Safeguard compliance and improve document tracking with a fully indexed digital archive. Search for any text on documents, even if the information has not been transferred to Business Central.

Invoice Management

With 3-way matching and vendor detection, invoices can be matched automatically to existing PO's or receipts as well as approved and posted if amounts are within pre-defined thresholds.

Web-Based Approval Portal

Employees without direct access to Business Central can manage approval workflows regardless of location via the web-based approval portal.

Rapid Deployment

With drag and drop functionality within Business Central and seamless integration of data, get up and running in days with minimal training or downtime.

Expense Management

Continia Expense Management

Streamline registration of travel activities and empower employees to manage their expenses on the go with Continia Expense Management for D365 Business Central. Gain real-time insights into employee expenses across travel, mileage and company credit cards.

Continia Expense Management

D365 Business Central

Outgrown your existing finance solution or simply looking to unlock insights through the elimination of data silos? Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution D365 Business Central, effortlessly syncs data across all critical business functions, providing the real-time required to accelerate business growth.

D365 Business Central

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