D365 for Customer Service

Drive Customer Loyalty through Service Excellence

Enable your team to better manage the customer journey from on-boarding and support through to market-driven product development.

Drive Customer Loyalty through Service Excellence

Future-proof customer service, support and success.

Every business knows that long-term customers are amongst their most valuable assets – less expensive than acquiring new ones and guaranteeing repeat revenue. With the evolution of digital, customer service expectations have changed, unless businesses change with them and put customer service and support at the centre of their business, they are undoubtedly going to lose out.

Combining best-in-class customer service processes and practices and leveraging the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Storm’s Customer Service Solutions offer out-of-the-box packages designed to build customer loyalty and deliver customer service excellence.

What can D365 for Customer Service do for your business?

Implement a customer-centric business strategy with a seamless technology experience.

Exceed expectations and anticipate needs with a 360 degree view of the customer journey.

Boost customer engagement on any preferred channel or device with a modern and adaptable platform.


D365 for Customer Service

Centralise Control

Take a pro-active approach to customer retention with real-time information on customer engagement and personalised support services.

Informed Business Strategy

Bridging the gap between management knowledge and the customer experience to enable you to build a business strategy around a better understanding of customer needs.

Drive Productivity

Leverage process automation and best-practice methodologies to improve productivity and enable your support team to tackle customer issues before they become serious.

Flexible Deployment Options

Providing out-of-the-box functionality for a number of packaged offers and instant integration to Outlook and Microsoft 365, get up and running in days not weeks.

Consistent Customer Experience

Deliver a consistent and personalised experience to deliver at every touchpoint along the customer journey boosting retention and satisfaction.

Easy Access

Ensure all customer facing employees have the information they need, regardless of their location with mobile, desktop and tablet access available 24/7.

Extended Relationship Management Solution Meeting


Need a bespoke solution to meet all of your specific needs? Our expert team of CRM consultants can help you design and build an xRM solution that addresses your unique requirements and future business goals. Learn more about unlocking your potential with an xRM.

Change Management Meeting

Change Management

We understand that return on investment is dependent on a high user adoption rate. Which is why we focus not only on the technology but on the human side of change. Our dedicated change management team specialises in creating positive employee experiences through strategic change management initiatives and user training.

Change Management

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