Empower technicians to collaborate more efficiently
by working together from different locations
Collaborate More Efficiently

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist enables organisations with Microsoft Teams to share the view of one technician with another. The on-site technician wears a HoloLens mixed reality headset or uses a mobile device to capture a camera view of the equipment at hand. This view is relayed virtually to senior technicians or other colleagues. These remote experts can then provide real-time, contextual guidance back to the on-site technician in the form of video, audio, written annotations, schematics and more through the Teams collaboration platform and the headset/mobile device.

Integrate Dynamics 365 Field Service

In addition to using Dynamics 365 Remote Assist to consult with remote collaborators and resolve issues faster, technicians and inspectors work even more effectively when they use Field Service to view their schedules, perform and track work orders, manage customer assets, and more. When Dynamics 365 Remote Assist and Field Service are integrated, technicians and inspectors can view bookings in Dynamics 365 Remote Assist and automatically attach relevant call details and artifacts to their work order associated with that booking.