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We solve business problems by creating effective technology solutions.  What makes us especially good at this is our in-depth experience and dedicated focus on the Microsoft technologies.  For decades we have been designing and building solutions using Microsoft .NET we know intimately what it can do and what it can't.  Our team have encountered many business problems and solved them.  In fact there's a good chance we've built a solution using Microsoft.NET to fix a problem similar to yours before which means you can leverage our intellectual property and experience to get the best results for your business right out of the gate.

The Microsoft.NET Framework

Our advocacy of the Microsoft .NET framework is based on its flexibility.  It embraces the need to take existing applications and get them working in unison with newer on-premise or in the cloud applications and it enables developers to create compelling new applications that address rapidly emerging multi-device and cloud based application patterns.  The Microsoft.NET framework enables developers to marry the old with the new with confidence that its flexibility leaves the door open for the yet to emerge.

The Microsoft.NET framework is used by millions of developers across companies of all sizes and segments to create applications for consumers, small businesses and large enterprises with unprecedented quality, performance and productivity.

Our Dedicated Developers

We have team of over 50 software developers, engineers and architects.  Their passion in life is .NET.  We have a long and successful record of developing custom applications for businesses large and small.  A sample of the some of the work we have done includes designing, developing and implementing:

  • Claims management solution in financial services
  • Supply chain management solution for manufacturing
  • Online sales solution for technology
  • Online reservation solution for transport
  • Workforce optimisation solution for insurance
  • Online payment solution for insurance
  • Online booking and reservation system leisure
  • Online care agency management solution for healthcare

Microsoft Partner Awards

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