What is Dynamics 365 Project Operations? 

Microsoft’s robust project and portfolio management solution, D365 Project Operations provides end-to-end management of the entire project lifecycle, offering organisations a single space to store and manage project data and providing a 360-degree view of project information. 

What are the benefits of D365 Project Operations? 

Below we outline some of the key benefits of D365 for Project Operations. 

Simplify Complex Project Management – For companies dealing with multiple, complex projects at once, D365 Project Operations helps streamline project management processes with features that help manage each aspect of a project from beginning to end. D365 for Project Operations provides deal management, financials, time management, communications, resourcing, reporting and forecasting capabilities all in one unified solution. With AI-powered assistant, Copilot, project and practice managers can further enhance workflows and drive productivity with features that assist in task plan generation, risk assessments and reporting. 

Optimise Resource Management – Intelligent scheduling capabilities help project managers anticipate resource needs, while the skillset matching feature helps choose the right team member for each project, guaranteeing optimal use of resources. 

Project Scheduling – D365 Project Operations provides a clear visual overview of project timelines through the interactive Gantt chart, so project managers can easily view upcoming deadlines and any schedule changes. 

Seamless Integration – As D365 Project Operations is built on Dynamics 365, it offers seamless integration with other Dynamics 365 solutions like D365 Field Service, D365 Finance and D365 Customer Service so businesses can consolidate core project and operational data via a cohesive business platform. D365 Project Operations can also be integrated with other elements of the Microsoft ecosystem such as Power BI to further enhance reporting and analytics capabilities. 

Accurate Invoicing – The seamless integration with other solutions ensures end-to-end alignment of resources and financials so invoices for project work can be issued quickly and efficiently with accurate billing information pulled from the unified system. 

Advanced Analytics – Real-time insights surrounding KPIs, resource utilisation, budgets and forecasting are clearly displayed in dashboards to help managers better understand project progress, risks and trends, so they can make the necessary changes quickly and effectively. 

Enhance Collaboration – Integration with collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and Outlook streamlines communication among project teams by eliminating the need to switch between platforms. 

Who is D365 Project Operations for? 

If your organisation is already using other Dynamics 365 modules, D365 for Project Operations could be the project management solution for you due to the seamless integration potential that can help your organisation create a unified business platform that maximises project impact. The robust functionality and end-to-end project lifecycle management makes D365 for Project Operations the ideal project management solution for enterprise-level companies operating on large scale, complex projects. 

How to get started with D365 Project Operations 

At Storm Technology we have the expertise and experience to help transform project management with Dynamics 365 for Project Operations. To learn more, get in touch with one of our solution experts today. Alternatively, check out our article detailing how energy management company EM3 implemented D365 Project Operations to enable growth and transform project processes.