What is Power PPM? 

Built on Microsoft’s Power Platform, Power PPM is a low-code project and portfolio management solution that consolidates all project information in one central location. Project teams can view financials, resources, reports, schedules and timelines across all projects from one system. Power PPM can even be integrated with other systems such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams to facilitate the seamless flow of project information. Below we outline some of the key features of Power PPM that make it the project management solution of choice for many organisations. 

Scheduling Tools – Timeline and roadmap planning features enable project managers to gain a clear overview of project tasks, status and deadlines. 

Resource Management Features – The team planner module helps managers allocate resources across projects and ensure the optimal use of materials, equipment and human resources. 

Kanban Board – The smart Kanban board feature allows users to get insight into project workload and finances and receive immediate feedback on possible project changes such as pushing out a deadline. 

Reports and Dashboards – Real-time, customisable reports and dashboards offer access to accurate information surrounding project status, financials, timelines and KPIs so project managers can easily monitor project status.  

Risk and Idea Matrices – Interactive risk and idea matrices allow you to rank and sort project risks and ideas by impact and probability and add notes providing further details so your team can mitigate risks and plan tasks more strategically. 

Financial Grids – Financial grids provide clear insight into project budgets and forecasting so project managers can easily drill down into financial data and monitor trends over time. On a higher level, project managers can view the combined financial status across all projects in real-time, making it much easier to track and manage financial activity across their portfolio. 

AI Assistance – Power PPM comes with a fully integrated AI-powered assistant that can assist in project planning and generate timelines, risks and status reports, reducing the pressure and manual workload on project teams. 

Why use Power PPM? 

Below we discuss some of the top benefits of integrating Power PPM in your organisation. 

Optimise Project and Portfolio Management – With Power PPM, Project Managers can easily evaluate project priorities and align work with the team's strategic objectives, ensuring the company is investing in the right projects to achieve its greater goals. 

Maximise Impact – Leveraging a project management solution that consolidates core project data and streamlines tasks with artificial intelligence helps improve project efficiency while allowing teams to focus on more valuable and complex tasks, ensuring project teams deliver maximum impact. 

Enhance Decision-Making – The real-time dashboards and reports provided by Power PPM ensure managers are always informed with the most accurate and up-to-date project data so they can make effective decisions quickly. 

Strengthen Collaboration – As all members of the project team can view and update project information in real-time, Power PPM ensures everyone is up to date on project status and individual task assignments without the reliance on email or meetings. As well as this, integration with collaboration tools like Teams facilitates seamless communication and information sharing as project data can be pulled directly from Power PPM. 

Flexibility - As Power PPM is built on Microsoft's low-code solution platform, Power Platform, organisations can easily customise functionality to align with their specific project management needs.

Future-Proof Project Management – As a cloud-based, low-code tool, Power PPM can scale in line with organisational needs, ensuring your organisation has a project management solution that can support future growth. 

Is Power PPM secure? 

Power PPM is a highly secure environment to store your critical project data. Organisations have full access controls and can integrate the system with existing security tools and policies to further enhance security. Power PPM even provides a system health dashboard where you can troubleshoot easily and check if there are system upgrades available. 

Who should use Power PPM? 

Power PPM can be used by Project Managers and teams across all industries. As a robust solution that caters to large and complex projects, Power PPM is best suited to enterprise-level organisations.  

How to get started with Power PPM 

At Storm Technology we have the expertise and experience to help you successfully transform project management in your organisation with Power PPM. To get started, book a free discovery call with one of our solution specialists. You can also check out our case study with European Training Foundation (ETF), who streamlined reporting processes and optimised project planning and resource allocation following their adoption of Power PPM.