What is Microsoft Project Online? 

Microsoft Project Online is a project management platform designed to support teams in viewing, planning and managing project and portfolio tasks more effectively. Project Online allows users to create and assign tasks, add dependencies, track project progress and timelines, manage budgets and control resources.  

Why use Project Online? 

Below we outline some of the key benefits to adopting Project Online in your business. 

Accessibility – As a cloud-based tool Project Online enables users to access project data and collaborate with their team regardless of location. Teams can work together to share project updates and update tasks in real-time, reducing the amount of meeting hours teams require to communicate and collaborate. 

Streamline Project Management – With features like workflow automation and scheduling, Project Online helps reduce the manual work involved in managing tasks and projects, so project managers can focus on more strategic work. 

Enhanced Reporting – Built-in reporting and analytics capabilities provide team members and key stakeholders with total visibility into project progress, helping maintain transparency while equipping project managers with the information required to make data-driven decisions and drive project success. 

Scalability – As a cloud-based solution, Project Online can scale to meet the needs of teams and organisations of any size. 

Security – As part of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, Project Online guarantees to meet security and compliance standards, with the option to integrate further security tools like Entra ID to ensure data protection and security. 

Integration – Project Online can be seamlessly integrated with other M365 solutions like Power BI, Teams, SharePoint, Outlook and other elements of Power Platform to create a more unified project management system and to enhance functionality and collaboration. 

Is Project Online included in Microsoft 365? 

Project Online is not automatically included in all Microsoft 365 plans, however it is available as an add-on for some license plans. 

Where is Microsoft Project Online data stored? 

Project Online is a cloud-based tool, with data and files stored inside your organisation’s Microsoft 365 environment, more specifically within SharePoint Online. 

What is a gantt chart in Project Online? 

The gantt chart in Project Online is a project management tool that can be used to help plan and schedule tasks within a project. The gantt chart offers a clear visual way to display project tasks and timelines, with a horizontal bar chart outlining deadlines and project progress.  

How to get started with Project Online 

At Storm Technology we have the expertise and experience to help you get started with Microsoft Project Online. To learn more, book a free consultation with one of our solution specialists today.