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Designing a structured social and enterprise collaboration solution with SharePoint

Every business today has at its finger-tips access to information that a decade ago was unfathomable.  For IT directors a real head-ache is finding a collaboration and information platform that allows people to store, find and retrieve the content they want, collaborate the way they want and where they want while still protecting the business and its information. The SharePoint 2013 platform enables businesses to optimise the advantages of new world collaboration working styles while preserving the benefits of structured processes, compliance and governance strategies.

Comprehensive collaboration solutions

The concept behind collaboration is all about providing a flexible, dynamic way for people to share information and knowledge. The SharePoint platform has been designed with this concept at its very core.  The platform is broad and deep in its information collaboration capabilities with solutions that address multiple channels, information types and ways of working.  The SharePoint 2013 platform is rich in solutions for extranets, websites, enterprise content management, records management, enterprise search, business intelligence and social collaboration inter-connected with Yammer. The solutions work seamlessly across the platform with underlying workflows, business processes and information management structures that drive effective collaboration.

Collaborating with Storm

To every engagement on SharePoint we bring a distinctive blend of talent:

  • A team of SharePoint platform technology die-hards – designers and developers who have a really deep understanding of how the platform works and how to tailor it to deliver those unique requirements needed for your business.
  • Information management strategists – consultants who understand how to create information structures, storage and searching methodologies that enable effortless collaboration for the user. 
  • Experienced delivery consultants – people who understand how to bring the SharePoint platform alive for the business, design governance strategies for successful roll out and engagement plans that result in high end-user adoption for SharePoint across the business.  

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